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Meet Monterey Park / East LA Makeup Artist: Jessica Chu

Today we’d like to introduce you to Jessica Chu.

Jessica has loved makeup ever since she was kid.  She was always practicing on herself and her friends in high school and that helped her get an edge in a pre-social-media pre-youtube world when learning about makeup was a lot harder than it is today.  By chance, she had a friend who was freelancing for Este Lauder who asked her if she would be interested in freelancing for them too – Jessica seized the opportunity and spent four years learning and perfecting her craft as a freelancer with the storied company.  At the same time she was in college pursuing an academic/professional path and after graduating she went to work in real estate.  She had a safe, lucrative and stable job in a prestigious field but she realized she wasn’t happy working in real estate and so she took a huge leap of faith, left he secure job and went into makeup full time.

Flash forward a few years and Jessica has built a wonderful career in makeup where she has worked with celebrities, photographers, journalists and more.  We’re impressed with her passion for makeup, her portfolio and most importantly her personality – she’s cool, collected, professional and yet still passionate about what she does.


  • No makeup-makeup look aka natural: 2016 Makeup Only price list starting at: $75 per look, $200 for half day (4-6 hours) or $400 for full day (up to 8 hours).
  • Airbrush and body painting will be an additional $10 dollars because the application is more difficult and the materials are more expensive. Also depending how far, she has a traveling fee of $10-15 for certain areas. Bridal prices will be different from the price list given because she offers package deals depending on how small/large the party is. I do offer hair and makeup packages and here is my starting list for 2016: $150 for 1 look, $400 for half day (4-6 hours) and $800 for full day (up to 8 hours). 

Contact Info:

  • Instagram: jessicachumua
  • Facebook:
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  • Website:


  • I taught myself makeup by looking at magazines and trying to copy what I saw. When I was a kid/teen all we could really do on the internet was illegally download music from Napster or Limewire, or play the pinball game, so everything was basically error and trial on myself. When I went to college I was lucky enough to work for Estee Lauder and Bobbi Brown as their freelance makeup artist where I applied makeup on various faces and skin tones different from mine for the first time. In those 3 years I learned a lot about makeup and the impact it had on other women. It wasn’t until after graduation where I decided that makeup was my calling because I could never escape it. It has always been a part of my life.
  • After I grew the courage to follow my dreams, I enrolled in a makeup academy to fine tune my skills and learn about the makeup industry. At graduation, I won first place in my class’s Avant Garde competition.
  • My most notable Clientele is Madeline Stuart. I worked with her right before she walked NY Fashion week. Our photos was published on Cosmopolitan and after that numerous magazines, news companies, and blogs around the world used our picture.
  • The highest award I worked for was the 2015 Oscars. I was really lucky to work under Melanie Mills from Gleam cosmetics.
  • My most memorable shoot was when I worked with Eugene Lee Yang from Buzzfeed. I was able to transform him into 5 different men, using only makeup, to create a K-pop group. It’s amazing to see how makeup can drastically transform someone.

Check out her work below:

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