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Inspiring Stories from Hollywood

The heart of our mission at VoyageLA is to find the amazing souls that breathe life into our city. In the recent weeks we’ve had the privilege to connect with some of Hollywood’s finest artists, creatives, entrepreneurs and rabble rousers and we can’t begin to express how impressed we are with our city’s incredibly deep talent pool.  Check out Hollywood’s rising stars below.

Jen de la Osa and Henry Beguiristain

Aloud is a rock n’ roll band which took three states to put together. Henry and I, who are the frontperson and songwriters of the group, knew each other as teenagers in Miami, FL. We moved to Boston for its music scene and thinking it was the polar opposite of Miami. We cut our teeth writing four albums worth of songs, playing countless shows, meeting our best friend and bass player Charles Murphy, and setting forth on our first couple of national tours. Read more>>

Carene Rose Mekertichyan

As an only child, I realized the power of storytelling early on and would come up with elaborate musicals and sketches to entertain not only myself but my family. Their laughter and response to my words gave me indescribable joy and a sense of purpose. As a result, I caught the acting bug early and would perform in all of my little school plays. Read more>>

Heather Ann Gottlieb

I began listening to podcasts in early 2017. I admired both the storytelling and audio engineering that went into great radio stories. When I decided that I wanted to create a podcast, I knew I wanted to focus on telling stories not normally heard on the radio (or in polite conversation). Read more>>

Ben Hagarty

I interview successful creators of all types from all over the world with the goal to provide valuable insight into the community. Our goal is to build the truest educational platform for creators, and I couldn’t be more proud. I’m not proofing this, so if there are mad typos and shit I’m sorry – I’m rushing to get this done in-between projects. Read more>>

Erin Ziering

Wife to actor, Ian Ziering and mom to the Ziering Girls, you can find me over on social media sharing all about our daily lives @erinziering. From baking in the kitchen to red carpets and traveling the world, you will see, I do it all! I am located in Los Angeles and love hosting events. Read more>>

James Guay

Throughout my life, my deep sensitivity and empathy for others have felt like both a curse and a powerful gift. I’ve been able to feel into the painful injustices and suffering of others while also seeing the beauty and love that’s also present all around us. While my sensitivity to others was often devalued growing up, it’s become my superpower as a therapist in how I connect with clients from a heart-centered and soulful place. Read more>>

Sepideh Nasiri

Mrs. Nasiri advises early-stage startups including at global initiatives such as WeMENA (a program by the World Bank) and mentors globally many female entrepreneurs and founders in technology serving as an advisor to initiatives such as TechWomen, an initiative of the U.S. Department of State’s Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs (ECA). Read more>>

Rachel Alexander

I was a fashion model for around 15 years traveling all over Europe, NYC, and LA. Recently, my good friend and model, Kenza Fourati, and I started a creative content and production company for purpose-driven brands. Our friends were starting their own companies. We not only LOVED their products but enjoyed using them ourselves, and wanted to get their message out into the world! Read more>>

Azusa Sakamoto

I’m a huge Barbie Lover for 22years since when I was 15years old. I have 280 Barbie dolls which is not a lot for collectors but have hundreds of thousands of Barbie items including 150 Barbie T-shirts and more… I’m not just buying them, but I also do much DIY stuff to customize my whole studio room into real Barbie dream place. In my YouTube channel, I share my real Barbie world!!! Read more>>

Eileen Kim

I first started dancing on a college team at UC Riverside in 2013, and soon after I joined my dream team GRV. Since then, I have pursued dancing as a full-time professional career, and have taught at studios all around the So-Cal area. I also currently coach a high school, direct my own exhibition team, and choreograph for music videos and competition sets. Read more>>

Leandro DiMonriva

One of the most important things about a cocktail is presentation, for me, presentation is key because the first impression of the drink builds up the expectation of how it will taste. Cocktails should be beautiful, and so if someone wants to make cocktails well, there are a bunch of little details which should be attended to. Read more>>

Will Tee Yang

I am a photographer and videographer mainly working in the fashion industry and event coverage. My first paid photography gig came in 2007 when a San Diego club promotor saw me photographing my friends party. He reached out to me and told me that he’d pay $50 in gas money and a few drink tickets to shoot his party at Beauty Bar in San Diego the next weekend. Read more>>

Shawn Bo and Leon Eugene

Everyone wants to look in the mirror and feel confident- so that’s what it’s all about! No bullshit, no hooks or gimmicks- just radiant, clean skin. We are currently traveling the country organically growing our business, spreading the word, producing exciting content and loving every minute of it. Read more>>

Alex Burunova

My love of story translated into an obsession with theater and film. I spent all my allowances on movies and was often guilty of skipping classes to go visit the movie theater across the street. It was my absolute happy place: staring up at the big screen illuminated only by the reflection of a new story. I watched everything; Bollywood, Old Soviet Cinema, Eastern European Art House, and the classics. Read more>>

Francis Gum

I have always been into arts, but I didn’t think it will lead me into photography. I do remember back in grade school and high school (in Nueva Vizcaya, Philippines) I would often bring a point and shoot camera in school and take photos of my classmates. When I moved to Manila for college, I would go to magazine stands and bookstores and scan through the magazines and photo books. Read more>>

Eric Ahlgrim

My entire life I have been a strict online shopper only. I noticed that something I felt that I was constantly rebuying were wallets. I realized that most wallets and most “leather goods” for that matter are manufactured with the intent to fail, forcing the consumer to have to come back and repurchase. I don’t believe that is good business. So I did the smartest thing I could… I went on YouTube and watched endless videos on how to handcraft a leather wallet. Read more>>

Lian Castillo

Las Vegas is very special to me because it really shaped me as a performer. I started singing in Casino Lounges by the time I was 16 years old. I did plays & I was cast in a handful of musicals around Las Vegas. When I started to attend film school, I just knew I had to go to LA. It’s where everything happens. I knew I wanted my Life to be in TV & Film. So, I left Vegas, I left school & here I am. Read more>>

Joanna Heart

We started this idea of building a community coffee shop a few years back and a few drinks deep on NYE with our best friends. They sparked us talking business, people, & community. At the time I had a background in design, recruiting and a passion for people. Ben & I both also had an expensive romance with coffee going on as we had just had a baby… “No sleep, your passion for coffee deepens. Read more>>

Alex Kahuam

It might sound cliche, but it all started when I was 12 years old since then I’ve always been curious about the film-making process. Back when I was in 5th grade, there was an increasing amount of kidnappings in Mexico (like my hometown of Mexico City); so one day our teacher assigned us to write a paper that dealt with that subject. Read more>>

Athena Brensberger

My career took me to contracts around the world modeling in different countries, which is when I decided to make the decision to leave school and to put on pause earning my degree. Doing that for about five years I realized I needed to find my way back to the science world. There was TOO MUCH happening in space travel and scientific discoveries that I couldn’t be involved. This is when I started my YouTube Channel, applied to NASA Social’s. Read more>>

Gowtham Namasivayam

My interests in this art grew deeper after I won the National Award at Manhattan Short India, 2014 for one of my earliest short films titled Oxymoron and sowed the seeds that later inspired me to venture into the show-business and move to the Heart of Film Industry, Hollywood, Los Angeles to pursue my MFA in Filmmaking at New York Film Academy and to bring my dreams to life as an artist and a storyteller. Read more>>

Raye Robinson

I grew up in San Diego, CA, dead set on becoming a Disney Princess. After years of training (really just singing loudly), I realized that it probably wasn’t going to happen, started writing my own music, and have never looked back. The first time I picked up a Lanikai ukulele, it was love at first strum, and ten years later, I got an endorsement from the company and officially became a Lanikai artist. Read more>>

Michelle Sharples

For five years, I have owned my small business Vintage Vortex V V and have been running my shop. It is set up like a vintage mall. I rent space to vendors, and they bring in their collections, curate their space, and I sell their Vintage Clothing and accessories. From the 30s to the 90s, my shop has the best Vintage in Los Angeles for the best prices!!!! I’m trying to keep it real. Fashion and music it’s my lifestyle. Read more>>

Wendy Shepherd

I never really knew exactly what I wanted to do in life except to get married and be a mother. My husband Michael and I went to college part-time for a few years where I focused on Business Administration. We both worked full-time jobs and stopped going to college when my husband’s job moved us from Arizona to California. Read more>>

Nina Madzirov

I moved to Los Angeles four years ago. I’ve always known I was an actress. One of my very first memories is of my bedroom in New York City and watching The Wizard of Oz, and just thinking that I want to do that. I was originally born in Manhattan, New York City 96′. My dad was a musician, and at that time he was performing on Broadway with artists such as Sting, The Scorpions, Tina Turner, etc. Read more>>

Jamee Natella

At the Venice Film Festival, there was a gentleman there who runs the longest running TV show in Tokyo called Tea Time (It’s kind of like the Japanese version of The View). He asked me if I could come to Japan for an interview. I said, “Yes,” and honestly, I was just thinking at least this will be a great free trip, but when I arrived in Japan, I realized what an incredible opportunity this was. I was hired by Tokyo Broad Casting System. Read more>>

Tony Garcia

In a world with all the devices to communicate it seems much harder to talk to anyone let alone get face to face meetings. Anyway, I started getting clients and moved to another studio here on Melrose. Where I have been for the past 33 years, I still can’t believe where the time has gone. It’s been a great ride. I have worked in Japan, Germany, and South Africa and all over the US. Read more>>

Kimberly Jones

Under Kimberly’s leadership, Fifth Amendment Entertainment is responsible for releasing and distributing the last four full-length albums by chart-topping, Grammy-nominated rapper The Game. She is gearing up to release the debut major label project from rapper Blueface in February 2019 via Ca$h Money West. Running the day-to-day operations of each imprint along with her childhood sweetheart-turned-husband, Cash “Wack 100” Jones. Read more>>

Taryn Lounsbury

I knew from a young age that I wanted to be a musician. I grew up in the Catskill Mountains, not five miles away from the infamous Woodstock Music Festival in Bethel, New York. Music was in the town’s blood. Because of the that, legends like Crosby, Stills & Nash, Janis Joplin, Led Zeppelin, The Beatles, The Doors and other influences of the ’60’sand 70’s were an integral part of our town’s culture. Read more>>

Walter Werzowa

This playful life turned exciting though: Now I have a wonderful and loving family. I received platinum records, built two companies, sold “Music Beyond” to BMG, worked with the best of the best from Spielberg to Wenders, created the ubiquitous Intel audio branding, and I still cannot sit still. All that was not the nucleus to building HealthTunes. Read more>>

Tarah Carpenter

I started playing the drums and the bass at the age of 14. When I turned 15, I moved to Murray, KY to be an exchange student. I could not play the drums or bass there, so I bought my first electric guitar and an Alanis Morissette songbook, and this is how I learned how to play the guitar! I came back to France and joined a few bands playing the drums and the bass. I started writing songs, but I did not dare to share them. Read more>>

Blake Blankenbecler

I’ve always felt everything at an incredibly deep level. For a great deal of my life, I fought against my sensitivities and tried to be like the carefree, happy girls that I would see having such an easier time at life. I struggled pretty severely with anorexia while I was in high school and throughout my early twenties continued to play the exhaustive game called, “I want you to think I have it all together.” Read more>>

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