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Inspiring Stories from Hollywood

The heart of our mission at VoyageLA is to find the amazing souls that breathe life into our city. In the recent weeks we’ve had the privilege to connect with some of Hollywood’s finest artists, creatives, entrepreneurs and rabble rousers and we can’t begin to express how impressed we are with our city’s incredibly deep talent pool.  Check out Hollywood’s rising stars below.

Roxanne Crisp

As an artist growing up I was always intrigued by both the beauty and tattoo industries. After finishing high school I decided to start my journey in the beauty industry by working as a freelance makeup artist. A couple years later I attended the esthetician program at Paul Mitchell the School in Costa Mesa, California. Read more>>

Steven Le Vine

As a kid I loved sharing stories with classmates and friends about places I had visited, things I had seen or people I had met, usually in precise detail. I think I did it so often I probably irritated them! As I entered junior high, this natural love of sharing things transitioned from stories into music, in the form of albums and concert bootlegs, with the intention of getting my classmates to fall in love with the artists I enjoyed listening to. Read more>>

Jennifer Cunningham

I had a very clear picture – kind of a premonition, to be honest – somewhere around 5 years old, when I saw exactly what I wanted to do with my life. So, for me, doing hair and makeup is a calling – I’ve never imagined doing anything else. Southern California can sometimes be an image-is-everything kind of place, so growing up here, just outside the glamour, grit, and creativity of Los Angeles, probably fed my desire to be someone who might help create some of that glamour. Read more>>

Kid Kern

A year and a half ago, I left my hometown Clarks Summit, Pennsylvania and boarded a train that would take me all the way across the country to Los Angeles. I had just finished an associates program in Audio Engineering, and during the course of that program I found the Los Angeles Film School where I knew I could continue my education as well as further pursue my career as an artist. Read more>>

Tiina Troberg

Since I was a little girl, I have always loved perfumes, cosmetics and skin care products. I worked as a make up artist for a couple of years and then worked on cruise ships, mostly in the shops, where I learned a lot about retail. I did miss the real hands on contact with clients, for instance being able to change a look with just a few brush strokes. Read more>>

Michael Casey

When I was twelve my father came home with some rickety clippers complaining that he was tired of my brother and I wasting his money at the barbershop. He exclaimed that he was going to cut our hair himself and after he gave my brother a chili bowl haircut, I elected to try my hand at cutting my own hair. Read more>>

Joy Lofton

I once heard somebody say that whatever you do too much of, that is probably what you are meant to be doing. For me, it was shopping. Shopping was this creative adventure of noticing beautiful things, and imagining what I would do with them. Read more>>

Richard Halverson

I’ve been collecting vintage clothes and various antiques since I was a boy. My Dad used to take me to Antiques Fairs from an early age and I got bitten by the bug (sometimes literally) of anything vintage ever since. At high school I used to wear a faux fur coat and a trilby and grew my hair long. Read more>>

Jay Bradley

I was a sick kid growing up in small town Canada. I dealt with asthma, allergies, ear aches and also struggled with depression. I was also bullied as far back as I remember which only added to my challenges.  I realized from a young age that I deserved to be happy and healthy although I had no idea how. Read more>>

Theon Holland

I started out going to the gym with my dad when he was training as a professional boxer. I was about 4 or 5 years old and couldn’t do much except jump rope, sit ups, and work on the speed bag. As I got older I got involved in other sports such as basketball and football. Read more>>

Veronia Salter

I started making hilts in 2010 as a hobby. I made the first one for my son. They were affordable sabers made out of sink pipes and PVC. I started selling them on Ebay and people bought them. I had been working with acrylic for several years when everyone said you COULD NOT make a darksaber blade to light up because it was black. Read more>>

Tracey Ellert

I was a nanny starting at 14. Always around children. By 19 I was in acting school and still a nanny. As a nanny I would attend lot of children’s birthday parties and I always ended up entertaining the whole group of kids. Parents would say “you are so good with them you should be a teacher” but I wanted to perform for a living, make people laugh. Read more>>

Arik Xander

Well, given that I am the sole proprietor of dharmaceuticals, I guess my story and the business’s story are deeply interwoven. I am a Los Angeles native. I know, they are rare. Most people I meet in L.A. are always so shocked to meet someone who is actually from the same city they chose to live in. Read more>>

Brian Hoover

I worked at a fish store starting at 15 years old, however my love for fish began around age 5 with memories of my parents fish tank. Over the years of working in a retail store, my passion for aquariums began to grow. I formed Aquatic contractors officially in the summer of 2001 when i graduated high school and realized i was not the type of person that could were a suit and tie to work. Read more>>

John Seymour

Born & Raised in NYC I grew up in the hospitality industry next to my father who was the local bartender in my neighborhood. I learned a lot from him and my early experience growing up in a bar about creating community and taking care of people. I eventually went on to work in a few different industries including a 4-year stint as an electrician! Read more>>

Chloe May, Jennie P

How did we start! Well me and Jenny have been friends for years and both worked as kids party entertainers, after working for a few different companies in Los Angeles and England we both thought we could bring something more to your average party entertainment, and thats when we decided to start our own company. Read more>>

Tammy Magnatta

My background is in advertising, but I’ve always loved fitness. After many years of trying all the fitness studios in LA, I found that none could keep my interest for long. I developed the concept for Flux Rebellion as an antidote for the repetitive workouts I was experiencing. Read more>>

Chrissy Baker, Megan Moran, Sandy Green, Marcelina Chavira

We met through improv comedy classes at Upright Citizens Brigade (founded by Amy Poehler and others) and went on to form an all female improv team. We have been together for 3 years, each having studied improv and sketch comedy at UCB, Groundlings, and additional schools. Read more>>

Tracy Do

I graduated from USC with a degree in Art History. While I do love art, I’m also a very practical person and had taken business classes along the way. It wasn’t long before I was working in real estate. My first job was “behind the scenes,” at a law firm that specialized in the representation of Homeowners Associations. Read more>>

Caitlin Durante

I started doing comedy in 2009, and I came up in the Boston comedy scene, doing mostly stand-up. Shortly after I moved to LA in 2014, I got an internship at the Nerdist Showroom at Meltdown Comics (aka NerdMelt), a live comedy venue in Hollywood. Read more>>

Siavash Motiei

My background in fitness began at age 11, when I started practicing Karate- I became obsessed with martial arts and was soon a black belt. After winning several championships, I then decided to take on coaching. From then on after coaching many successful athletes, I moved on to practicing mixed martial arts. Read more>>

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