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Inspiring Stories from Hollywood

The heart of our mission at VoyageLA is to find the amazing souls that breathe life into our city. In the recent weeks we’ve had the privilege to connect with some of Hollywood’s finest artists, creatives, entrepreneurs and rabble rousers and we can’t begin to express how impressed we are with our city’s incredibly deep talent pool.  Check out Hollywood’s rising stars below.

Will Hackner

I was the weird kid. I was small. I played video games. I was in theater. I loved horror movies, and comic books, and toys, and games. I was hyperactive, clever, social awkward, fashionably confused and for all 80’s statuses, a nerd. I went to college to write plays and produce movies. Read more>>

Rex Mize and Minh Nguyen

At first, I started as singer with a band and even toured and performed on MTV and then I took a break from music. So, while at home my daughter Diamanta was little and pointed to the TV and said “How do I get to play in the box?” at first, I didn’t understand what she meant until she kept pointing at the TV and that’s when I figured it out. Read more>>

Johnny Yoder

I grew up most of my life in Green Bay, Wisconsin. Though it has a national football team, Green Bay is a small town. It was the quintessential suburban middle-class America, and I did what most middle-class, Midwest kids did; played Soccer, played Football with friends, and Sundays were a holiday to watch the Packers. Read more>>

Jonathan Dorf

YouthPLAYS began with three playwrights and a URL. I had gotten into writing plays for teens in the mid to late 1990s while I was teaching at The Haverford School near Philadelphia, and together with my friends and colleagues Ed Shockley and Matt Buchanan (who were living in Pennsylvania and Massachusetts, respectively). Read more>>

Dr. Holly Lucille

I am the daughter of two pharmacists, and was well versed in the Western medical approach: “You don’t feel well? Here, take this pill.” Even at a very young age I was troubled by this approach to health and always wanted to know “WHY?” I would ask question after question hoping things would make more sense to me: What will it do for me? Will it hurt me? Read more>>

Jonathan Clough and Sergio Petrina

Jonathan: My career originally started with Disney as a Cast Member at the Disney Store in Modesto, California. I worked my way up eventually to manage Toontown and Fantasyland Store Operations at Disneyland. From Disney my career took me to ArcLight Cinemas in Hollywood where I was Operations Manager and Marketing Director. Read more>>

Fabio Golombek

F.J. PRODUCTIONS is a full-service Film and TV Production Company based in Los Angeles since 2002. The company was founded by award winning director/producer Fabio Golombek who invited a talented and dedicated team of professionals, F.J. Productions has established itself in this competitive arena as a reliable and competent production shop, able to conform to budgets and adhere to tough deadlines and strict technical standards. Read more>>

Reynaldo Pacheco

When I did the movie “Beginners” with Ewan McGregor and Christopher Plummer, every time I used to go back to Bolivia people would ask me to teach workshops and I realized that there was a need for school. And, then we started a conversation with the University of USC and that’s how in combination with La Salle University in Bolivia we created the Hollywood Academy of Performing Arts (H.A.P.A.). Read more>>

Cody Beverstock

I grew up in the Pacific Northwest surrounded by a whole lot of food and food culture – cooking with my Mom, fishing the Puget Sound with my Dad and cooking meals with my Sister for our family. It’s many of these memories from childhood, along with observations of the beauty of life around me, that so heavily influences my cooking today. Read more>>

MaryAnne LoVerme

The main mission since opening the shop in May 2014 has been to create a place where someone could find a gift or souvenir that is made in Los Angeles, and the mirror of that is the mission to support the people who are making amazing things in Los Angeles. Los Angeles is chock-full of wonderful shops I adore, but I wanted to make it easy for shoppers who, like me, are interested in what is being made locally. Read more>>

Harrison Freed

I have been in the film business since 1976 and it started as a dare with my late friend Jeff Swiskay while we were going to Nassau Community College. I flunked out of that school, but that dare got me in front and behind the camera. Read more>>

Sarah Dandashy

I was born in Allentown, PA, but I am half Lebanese, so I spent much of my childhood traveling around Europe and the Middle East. I even called Jeddah, Saudi Arabia home for the first six years of my life! I also lived in London and Atlanta as a child. Read more>>

Talia Bolnick

I graduated from Oxford in 2012 and returned home to Los Angeles, where I grew up. For the first time in 6 years, I was back in the city that raised me: fighting through Hollywood Bowl traffic in my tiny blue Prius; inexplicably buying a juice press; searching for purpose, community…a job. Read more>>

Araks Terteryan

I have always been interested in event planning and styling. When I opened my marketing/PR agency Autour L.A. earlier this year, I was looking for unique balloons to decorate my launching event with. I looked around and I didn’t find what I was looking for. Read more>>

Stacy Porter

Many years ago, when I was learning about the business end of screenwriting, a specific aspect of the process kept rearing its ugly head. How do I protect my work while getting feedback or while marketing the work I had written? Read more>>

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