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Inspiring Stories from Hollywood

The heart of our mission at VoyageLA is to find the amazing souls that breathe life into our city. In the recent weeks we’ve had the privilege to connect with some of Hollywood’s finest artists, creatives, entrepreneurs and rabble rousers and we can’t begin to express how impressed we are with our city’s incredibly deep talent pool.  Check out Hollywood’s rising stars below.

Patrick Conseil

I left my native small town in France at age 18 and moved to London with a one way ticket and 100 pounds in my pocket. I loved British music (Bowie – Roxy Music) and I wanted to experience the new wave movement from up close plus I wanted to become fluent in English. Little did I know I would be hired by a record label only one week after my arrival. At A&M Records, I started by working in the Mailroom and was often in charge of record deliveries to BBC and Capital radio. Read more>>

Diego Kuri

I was born in Mexico and came to Los Angeles to study at the American Academy of Dramatic Arts, they have a two years program, but in order to graduate you must be invited back for the second year based on your performance during the first year, my class was the first class ever in the history of the Academy to be fully invited back for second year. Since then, I was already making history. Read more>>

Nate Adamsky

I’ve been a performer my whole entire life. At a young age, I studied acting and music. I used to get booked to sing to people in restaurants and on the streets and would perform in plays and films while studying in acting schools. In high school, I fell in love with comedy and enrolled into “Comedy Sportz” a competitive improv class where schools would compete against each other in improv games much like the show “Whose Line is it Anyway. Read more>>

Marc Antonix

I started producing when I was 16 years old after listening to Zedd’s single ”I WANT YOU TO KNOW (FEAT. SELENA GOMEZ). After finding out about electronic music through Zedd, I fell in love with it. I’ve been producing and djing now for about three years and spend everyday doing it. Read more>>

Victoria Bellos

I was born and raised in Greece. I always loved to perform. Whenever a play production was taking place in my school or the local theatre I would just show up and ask to audition for a part; small or big. Thankfully I had the chance to participate in several greek theatre productions at a young age and study some of the ancient masterpieces. Read more>>

Chris Wax

I grew up in New York where I was an Art and English major in high school. I went on to study at The School of Art and Design at Purchase College, The School of Visual Art and then onto William Esper Acting Schoo. I had up until that point dedicated most of my life to learning about and practicing the visual and performing arts. Read more>>

Derrick Cobb

Derrick has been performing since he was eight years old, but he never imagined the very thing he loved to do would be the thing to save his life. While Derrick was a teenager, he became homeless. While most would have given up on music Derrick used these events to motivate himself. Determined to make it and not be a victim he set out on his journey to make music his way. Read more>>

Glenn Jackson

I grew up in Houston, TX. I played baseball, ran track, played saxophone in the school band, and was in architectural drafting club in high school. I started making music in the 10th grade and I’ve stayed doing it until now. I was working at hotel Derek and Exxon mobile corporation organizing and moving people from office to office in 2015. I saved 3000 dollars and packed everything I had and drove to Los Angeles. Read more>>

Warren Burke

Warren S. L. Burke is an actor/writer from Chicago, Illinois, raised in Memphis, TN. He’s been seen on Netflix’s Family Reunion, NBC’s Abby’s, and Bigger on the all-new BET+ app. After graduating from Tennessee State University, and leaving his corporate job at the local newspaper in Des Moines, Iowa, he moved to LA to enroll in The American Academy of Dramatic Arts. His initial training led him to star in commercials for TurboTax, Dunkin’ Donuts, State Farm, and McDonald’s to name a few. Read more>>

Angela Martini

I was born in Shkodër, Albania during a time of political instability as communism started to dissolve in the region. In my early childhood, I experienced kidnapping attempts, neighborhood violence, and at one point, a short stay in a refugee camp. My mother was concerned about my safety, at the time so she sent me to Switzerland to live with my father at the age of ten. After leaving Albania, I lived a lonely childhood. Read more>>

Hannah Lique Naitove

I’m your date night planner and hopeless romantic who’s always trying to recreate “the perfect movie moment”. I am originally from Keene, NH and moved from Boston, MA a little under three years ago to San Luis Obispo, CA. My story, my drive, and my inspiration are all fueled by one special person: my Mom, Tamara Lique Naitove. My mom was my best friend and my whole world. She was an adoring wife. Read more> 

Frederick Daniel Emmerson

From the legendary music family of Whitney Houston, Dionne Warwick, Cissy Houston and Paris Darzar. I started as a member of the R&B/Pop group DNA as a young teenager. I traveled and experienced the tour life and life of a music star at a young age. After the group disbanded, I decided to become a solo artist and I was able to release 5 EP’s (Love/Hurt, Incredible, Frederick, Freddie P vs. Frederick Daniel, UrbanPop). Read more>>

Margot Garrett

I am a 22 years old dancer/choreographer based out of Los Angeles, CA and originally from Nashville, TN. My love for dance started as soon as I could walk. Dance is something so special to me and something I hold very close to my heart. One of the #1 reasons people dance is to be able to express how they are feeling and escape whatever is going on in their everyday life. That is EXACTLY what it was/is for me. Read more>>

Kalpak Pathak

I graduated in Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) specializing in Photography in India. I used to work on students’ short films in Film and Television Institute of India (FTII) during my higher studies then. Later, I studied photojournalism from a photography school. After my studies, my first major assignment (self-assigned) was covering Mumbai Terror Attacks in 2008 which got me a job in HT Media Ltd, where I worked as a photojournalist for five years. Read more>>

Zack Hosseini

I always wanted to be a filmmaker.” Or some sort of creative storyteller… it went through a few phases — actor, novelist, stand-up comic — but eventually, I found some focus on directing. I grew up in Atlanta and, when I was eight, I started making videos with a webcam my dad had. It was USB, mind you, so I had to hook it to a laptop and carry that around to shoot things (shout out to the OG, Windows Movie Maker). Read more>>

Moses Meshack

I’m a working actor based in Los Angeles, California. I was born in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. At the age of 13, My mother and I moved to Zimbabwe, where I attended high school at The Heritage School, then after graduating, I moved to Nairobi Kenya and studied Bachelor of Business in Marketing and International Business. Read more>>

Tawny Cohen

It all started when I was three years old. That’s when I started my passion/career in dance. Growing up, I danced at multiple competitive studios and learned from many amazing teachers. I learned many styles of dance but my all-time favorite was hip hop! I loved everything about dance and knew that this is what I was meant to do. After I graduated high school, I went right into teaching hip hop to all ages. While I was teaching, I was still focusing on myself as a dancer. Read more>>

Steven Ho

I started acting in 2014. At the time, I was working as an EMT at the Stanford ER and deciding what the next step in my medical career would be. I decided to take some theatre classes at Foothill college in Los Altos while deciding. My first show, I had no lines. My only job was to carry potato sacks across stage while two actors talked. Read more>>

John L. Hill

I am a Celebrity Portrait Artist. I became interested in art at an early age since my father was an artist before me. I began practicing artwork consistently when I was nine years old, mainly creating cartoons and competing with my peers to see who could draw specific characters the best. By the time I was ten years old, I began creating portraits and started developing the skills it took to create one successfully. Read more>>

Sasa Stubbs

I think the first sparkles happened when I got my first music album as a little kid. It was The Eminem Show and I was super passionate about it. To that time, I also listened to the Backstreet Boys. However, it all really started when I wanted to learn how to play the guitar. My mom took me to a guitar teacher when I was 14 years old. Ever since music has been the main focus of my whole life. Read more>>

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