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Inspiring Stories from DTLA

The heart of our mission at VoyageLA is to find the amazing souls that breathe life into our city. In the recent weeks, we’ve had the privilege to connect with some of the LA’s finest artists, creatives, entrepreneurs and rabble rousers and we can’t begin to express how impressed we are with our city’s incredibly deep talent pool.  Check out LA’s rising stars below.

Aimee Martinez

In 2015, a close friend, Christina Thomas of Yoga Adventures Worldwide ( invited me to join her in Cuba on a friends’ getaway. “You will love it,” she said. I was unable to go, but she peaked my interest in a way that I felt certain that I would visit this mysterious land soon. What? No wifi? Could I survive? This kind of thinking was my first clue that I needed a digital detox and to challenge myself to disconnect in order to reconnect to myself and the world around me. Read more>>

PRARRI Fashion Photographer

PRARRI is a Los Angeles based Fashion Photographer/Filmmaker. PRARRI has been shooting for over 9 years and has traveled to many cities across the country. Working with top modeling agencies as NEXT and Wilhelmina, also being published in magazines in the U.S.A and across Europe. Read more>>

Alfio Foti

I very recently just finished editing and mixing my first feature film titled “MOUTHFUL”. Many things lead me here. When I was very young, I drew a lot, day dreamed and hardly paid attention in school. Like most kids, I was generally pretty bored but I’d been quite about it up until I was 11. Read more>>

Crystal Correa

Always been in love with art as a kid . All mediums make me happy but the one that is the most rewarding is film. Filmmaking wasn’t something my family knew anything about so I was on my own to discover how the business works. Lucky for me, I have always been one to figure things out very quickly. Read more>>

Joel Bear, Maggie Bear , Steve Ross, Cheryl Ross

Motif No.3 is a business founded and run by a family of creatives who believe in the excellence of design, art, and fashion. Steve and Cheryl Ross, their son Joel and his wife Maggie are the co-founders. Steve has come from 30+ years of manufacturing experience as an industrial engineer and is in charge of all our manufacturing here in Downtown LA. Read more>>

Sha Turrado

I danced for the first time when I was 3 years old in Paris. I was not very good because even though I was trying very hard, I was very tall at the time and I was hyperactive as a kid ( I’m still but I learnt to use that now as a tool!) so I as not focused, trying to escape from ballet classes. Read more>>

Michelle Bassler

I’ve always been an artist. I was having art shows in Honolulu, Hawaii and realized that I didn’t like to part with my original pieces. This sparked the idea of screen printing because it’s a way to reproduce your art but having the touch of hand printed items still makes each piece unique. Read more>>

William Mercer

It all went back to the MySpace days when I became easily bored with webcam profile pictures. I picked up my mom’s point and shoot camera and started taking self portraits on that. I remember having a trial version of photoshop on my computer and just went from there. Read more>>

Joe Moller

I am the oldest of 3 boys and grew up in Orange County, went to CSUN and was lucky enough to be hired by Barry Diller almost immediately out of college to run his West Coast Office. To say that was a huge learning experience would be understatement. Read more>>

Danny Hernandez

Photography has always been something that I have been interested in. I was always too shy to to photograph people so I began with photographing landscapes and concerts. Ultimately I always wanted to photograph weddings and more portraits. Little did I know that by shooting more frequently things just begin to happen in my favor. Read more>>

Paul Sun

I’ve always loved tinkering. Ever since i was a kid i would take my toys apart and put them back together to see how they worked. That graduated to fixing my radios and discman to refurbishing furniture to working on my motorcycle. Read more>>

Tara Maxey

We started with a pasta machine in a back pack and worked in off hours of different friend’s restaurant kitchens to create our signature dish, Lasagna Cupcakes. We now sell thousands and thousands and thousands of them! And we operate a catering company too. Read more>>

Mariel Cornel

Growing up, I attended Catholic high school and middle school. There, I never had a choice over the way I looked or conducted myself; it was always under the jurisdiction of someone else. I always got in trouble, hours and money spent on detention (They would start charging us money if we started having too many bouts of detention) and I was always on the verge of earning demerits for pushing the dress code. Read more>>

Amber Seagraves

Hi! I”m Amber Seagraves, I’m the Creative Director and Founder of Lasso Abode, an Americana inspired lifestyle and travel accessories brand. My designs are inspired by Bohemian, Western and Nordic influences. My sensibility has a heritage aesthetic that also remains modern and current. Read more>>

Ashlie Chavez

I got my BFA in Fine Arts with an emphasis in Creative Photography at CSUF. After college I worked at a local skateboard shop shooting professional skateboarders. Meanwhile the collaborative work I did with my twin sister got the attention of some people/brands and I started shooting musicians and editorials for clothing lines. Read more>>

Ting Su

Started as a pipe dream, when my husband and his father were home-brewing in our garage. I would help out with the brewing and was generally the one to taste the beers and give feedback on them. The homebrews were doing well in competition and we decided to take the leap and try to create a small local brewery. Read more>>

Alex Gabriel

Back in early childhood, I was surrounded by cameras and creative, my parents worked on TV, and I went there with them, participated in advertisements and various projects, even then I was attracted to this atmosphere. But at that time I could not think that this would become my profession. Read more>>

Hasan Ali

As I was applying to medical school, I privately tutored chemistry and one of my parents suggested to tutor her daughter online to save me from my 4-mile commute of an hour and a half (typical LA, right?). So, I gladly took that suggestion and immediately after switching to the online format her student’s level of comprehension and engagement skyrocketed. Read more>>

Tisha Brenee’

My love for film and photography started at around 13 years old. One day, I found my moms camera, and became obsessed. I begged her to buy me my own. After my mom saw that I was serious, she bought me my first camera at 15 years old and I’ve falling in love with the art of film and photography ever since. Read more>>

Dayanna Hernandez

3rd grade is where it all began. The elementary staff and teachers were putting together a school play and my entire class nominated me as the lead actor. After that play I started choreographing and putting together events endlessly. In middle school I started a dance team and we performed for every event. Read more>>

Treasure Mallory

Nikki&Mallory is a blessing in disguise. I always tell people, “when you’re down to your very last, you have 2 options; to give up, or to get innovative”. As much as I wanted to give up, I chose to get innovative. Read more>>

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