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Inspiring Stories from DTLA

The heart of our mission at VoyageLA is to find the amazing souls that breathe life into our city. In the recent weeks, we’ve had the privilege to connect with some of the LA’s finest artists, creatives, entrepreneurs and rabble rousers and we can’t begin to express how impressed we are with our city’s incredibly deep talent pool.  Check out LA’s rising stars below.

Suzy LeQ

I started making jewelry while in Art School at UCLA for Nina Segal at the famed Fred Segal. I didn’t really think much of it being a brush with my future career. It was only upon graduating College and taking a job at Madison Los Angeles did it start to surface as a possibility. Read more>>

Lisiane Birks-Hay

I have come a long way, at least geographically, over the last thirty years. Wind the clock back that far, and you’d find a spirited little girl playing amongst the fabrics of my mother’s tiny workshop in South Brazil. Read more>>

Tony Moss

In addition to the learning the logistics of successful event production, learning to present “public ceremonies” in a way that was accessible to a wide audience of people without sound like new age, spiritual mumbo jumbo, hippie bullshit, was likely the most difficult hurdle to cross. Read more>>

Jeanine Centuori

I grew up in an Italian American neighborhood in New Jersey with a father who was a maker of all things. I gained an appreciation for how things were put together, and taken apart, and put together again. He was a consummate recycler before it was in vogue. All material things had value, and could be reused, and reinvented. Read more>>

Kaitee Tyner

About 3 years ago I was going through a very rough time with an accident that left me injured & at the same time doctors discovered of an underlying autoimmune disorder affecting my thyroid. I decided it was time to cut out everything toxic in my life that I was putting into & onto my body. Read more>>

Stacy Michelson

My life has always revolved around art in some way. My parents weren’t artistic or creative, but saw that I was and they supported and encouraged my interests. I grew up drawing, playing music, and making the food and crafts I saw Martha Stewart make on TV. Read more>>

Lily Fiske

When I was 13, I visited LA for the very first time. Having grown up in Chicago, I was used to living in a city, but LA was like nothing else, a different vibe altogether. One morning, we (my mom, her then-girlfriend, her daughter, and I) went to the Hollywood farmers market. Read more>>

Sean Brennan

I’ve worked in the service and hospitality industry all my life and when my partners gave me the opportunity to be part of something truly special, I dove right in. We set out to merely open a modern American pie shop and it turned out to make so many people happy that we couldn’t pass up expanding. Read more>>

Tyler Brouwer

For me, it’s always been about the language. I’ve always loved words, sentences and paragraphs. I started writing fiction in a serious capacity when I was nineteen, and I’ve never looked back. After high school I spent four years working part time jobs so that I had time to write and read. Read more>>

Nicole Fournier

I was born and raised in a rural area in New Jersey. I grew up in a converted log cabin, and as a child, I loved playing in the woods and fishing off our dock. Since living really close to a lake, my fondest memories there were playing with the seemingly endless amount of baby toads. Read more>>

Stephania Roush

About a year ago, my husband and I (along with our 2 fur babies– Niko & Sofia Loren) decided to quit our corporate jobs to take a Sabbatical. We had been traveling internationally for the last 5 years, experiencing different cultures, meeting extraordinary people and learning that happiness comes in many different forms. For us, it was travel. Read more>>

Nalini Arora

After I graduated from high school, I went to the Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising. At that time, I was not thinking design, but more business. I studied Merchandise Marketing . I graduated pretty young. Read more>>

Britney Penouilh

For as long as I have been able to hold a pencil, I have been drawing. At age 12, I took a class called Drawing From the Right Side of the Brain, which taught me to see the world in LINES and SHADOWS with TEXTURE and DIMENSION. Read more>>

Martin Cox

I grew up in the Britain, went to a couple of great Art Schools and lived in London. I had a photography exhibition in San Francisco and this lead me to a mad adventure the following year which took me from London to New York, back to San Francisco where I worked in several artist-run spaces, and eventually moved to Los Angeles which is now home. Read more>>

Shaiann Hogan

Beauty brings me great joy and I love everything about it. One day, I decided to play in my moms make-up and create a tutorial on my I-Touch. My mom, who does random checks came across my video and was highly upset. Read more>>

Diane Cockerill

Love of photography entered my life when I was given a camera by my father on my 10th birthday. When I retired from advertising several years ago, I became fully immersed in photographing my native Los Angeles with its sprawling neighborhoods. Read more>>

Michael Tullberg

I began my photographic career in the Hollywood clubs in the mid-1990s. I’ve always felt an attraction to music, night life and the underground, so the clubs were a good place to start. Remember that this was in the days of film, so learning the basics of photography in a dark party was definitely not a cakewalk. Read more>>

Cathy Cooper

I am an artist and a musician. Not necessarily in that order but I am both. I started sewing when I was nine and became obsessed with making stuff there after. I made a lot of my own clothes. At the same time I had a growing interest in music. Read more>>

Pamela Harmon

I was born in Los Angeles and I’v Never lived anywhere else. Growing up here my love for natural forms and colors , along with a vibrant creative community has fueled my art. Collaborating with these many talented and varied artistic disciplines always yields a unique vision that goes beyond individual creativity. Read more>>

Vanessa Acosta

I had been working in the apparel industry for over a decade under companies and locally based brands. I hit a wall after 10 years and realized I didn’t want to work under anyone anymore. I had picked up a camera and starting shooting my own original designs on regular ole’ girls. Read more>>

Willl Magid

I grew up in Palo Alto, CA. It was a quiet, chill, nerdy place to live as a kid. My main passions were video games and playing trumpet / bass. By the time college came around I knew I wanted to study Ethnomusicology – it’s a mix of Anthropology and Music. Read more>>

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