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Inspiring Stories from DTLA

The heart of our mission at VoyageLA is to find the amazing souls that breathe life into our city. In the recent weeks, we’ve had the privilege to connect with some of the LA’s finest artists, creatives, entrepreneurs and rabble rousers and we can’t begin to express how impressed we are with our city’s incredibly deep talent pool.  Check out LA’s rising stars below.

Breanna Gipson

I am Breanna Gipson, the CEO of The Beauty Print. My cosmetic company launched September of 2020 and I am still growing. I was born and raised in Chicago IL. I have a bachelor’s degree in communication and minor in business. My passion for cosmetics is what led me to the beauty industry. has always loved cosmetics and the versatility it represents. Her passion for cosmetics is what led her to the beauty industry. The Beauty Print is a full cosmetic line full of luxury cosmetics for all skin tones. Our beauty products are designed to feel lightweight, and deliver buildable coverage. Read more>>

Stephanie Tea

Ever since I was kid, I have always been surrounded many amazing cooks and chefs. While in middle school my parents opened up a couple of Chinese fast-food restaurants and I was always there helping with our family’s business. At the time I wanted to be anywhere but with my parents and our restaurants but little did I know that’s where my passion for food really came to life and I knew that eventually I wanted to land myself within the culinary world. Read more>>

Dylan Lei

Like most people, I chose to enter the film industry initially because of my interest. The interest in film and the belief in art have kept people holding fast in this industry. I chose to be a director when I started in film because I wanted to express myself in film language. But as I continued to explore, I found that there had been numerous directors and writers who had a strong desire to express but they usually lacked professional producers to escort theirs projects.  Read more>>

Kylie Montigney

Kylie Montigney is a Host/ Reporter/Athlete/ Writer and activist from Scranton, Pennsylvania. She has gained well deserved attention as a Podcast Host. Kylie started a podcast on YouTube, Spotify, Apple Podcast, and Amazon Music or whatever you get your podcast in April 2021 as a 14-year-old. Today she has over a couple thousand listeners on her podcast and a world- wide fan base. She got to interview some big stars like Madison Watkins, Caitlin Wachs, Gilles Marini, Gabrielle Stone, and so much more. Read more>>

Mersadez Hemphill

I started my modeling career when I moved from Columbus Ohio to Los Angeles. I packed up my car and drove across the country in hopes of chasing my dream of becoming a fashion model. I didn’t have a plan I just had a dollar and a dream. I wanted it so badly and I was willing to do what ever it took to get it. I transferred jobs so I had income but I wasn’t aware of the cost of living was. This was just one of the many obstacles I had to deal with in order to survive in this city. Read more>>

Joelle Rodriguez

As children we get asked: “what do you want to do when you’re older?”. I had the generic answers; A therapist, an interior designer, a business owner, a lawyer, or just the old-reliable ‘i don’t know’. I didn’t resonate with any of them. I’ve always been exposed to nails. My parents owned a tattoo shop right next to a nail salon and the overwhelming scent of acrylic was intoxicating and beautiful compared to the day to day of the family business. Read more>>

EK Darkurai

I am an Artist, Music Producer, Sound Engineer. I was born in Tokyo, Japan. Raised in Shanghai, China. And i came to The United States when i was in high school. All my life live in 3 different countries gives me a very unique experience . I love listening to old school R&B when i was little, like R Kelly, Boys To Men, those classic 90s R&B songs. I also love Michael Jackson and his music a lot at that moment, these are my early music influences. Read more>>

Cargo Qell

I didn’t tap into my creative side until about my junior high school years where I met Shaq, one of my closest friends to date and a major contributor to the music heard today. So I started showing signs of being an artist around my teenage years. We would write down these crazy rhyme schemes in notebooks and recite em to one another waiting on the reaction. Treating it more so as a hobby at first I wouldn’t take it seriously until after a neurological near death experience. Read more>> 

Monique Autumn Carter

I started as a 16-year-old sophomore in high school with a goal- to start my clothing line. From there, I put in the work towards building the foundation, creating the designs and the website, learning from manufacturers, etc. When the world was affected by COVID-19 and everything slowed down, with the help of my family, I was able to put more time into my brand and officially drop in April 2020. From then on, I’ve been solely running the business and doing everything from sketching designs to shooting and editing projects. Read more>>

Keya Clark

In 2015 I trained my very first client, but the journey really began in January of 2013. The church I attended at the time has an annual fast and out of the 6 years I had attended I never participated, until then. About two weeks into the (Daniel) fast friends started to notice changes in my body. At this moment I’m shocked for a couple of reasons. 1. I had only changed my diet for 2 weeks, I hadn’t noticed at all and standing at about 300 pounds at the age of 29 I had never eaten anything close to that type of diet. I had never intentionally loss weight either. Read more>>

Modello Brown

The story of myself would possibly conclude a lifetime of explaining. Creating my brand started from my passion for music and being an underground hip hop artist from Chicago. After years of traveling and perfecting my craft, I realized my love for the art of music was subjective. I lived in Moreno Valley, CA with my older sister for a few years. while living with her she helped me realize just how much creativity is in our blood. My entire life my mom always said “Im surprised you don’t have any kids because for some reason all kids love you!”. Read more>>

Morgan Bolender + Scott Ferreter

February 19, 2015: Morgan sees Scott for the first time; he’s onstage at an open mic called “You’re Going To Die,” an event centered on mortality that tends to replace pretense with deep, open presence. She doesn’t know who he is, but she knows he’s special and an extraordinary songwriter. She’s brand new to the area, wanting to make musical friends, and approaches him after the show to tell him how moved she was by his music, and to ask if he’d maybe be interested in getting together and writing a song sometime. Read more>>

Edgar Herrera

This business I’ve built was not something I had planned to do, nor did I think about the possibility of starting a business in the first place. During the pandemic in June 2020, I was bored and like everyone else in quarantine, I tried new things in the kitchen to keep myself occupied. I had made chocolate covered strawberries for myself and brought extra ones to a party and everyone loved them. My cousin posted them and people began asking who made them and if they could place an order. She gave them my contact info and slowly I started to get orders. It wasn’t until July of 2020 that I turned to social media to promote my business. Read more>>

Ekaterina Ermilkina

I grew up in Crimea in the beautiful city of Yalta on the North coast of the Black Sea and started my first art classes at age of 4. I fell in love with art at a very young age and in 1985, pursued my passion at F. Vasiliev’s School of Art , graduating in 1991. After high school I moved to study art in Saint Petersburg, Russia and received my MFA from State Art and Industry Academy in 1998. I was inspired by the architecture of the big city. I worked as a designer in multiple advertising companies and magazines before moving to the US with my husband. Read more>>

Annie Lam

Born and raised in Sacramento, I now call both Sacramento and Lakewood home. My lifelong pursuit of changemaking began in the farm fields of Sacramento where I worked alongside my family picking fruits, starting at the age of 7. I learned a lot in those fields about myself, about my family, about grit and power structures, and as a byproduct of a system that wasn’t created for people like me or who have stories like mine. Read more>>

Bartek Frak

Bartek and I were both Plant-Based and curious about all of the benefits of Juicing & the lifestyle, so we decided to put a menu together and open a Juice bar/Plant-Based Market & Restaurant. We both established the company in 2015, and early June of 2016 we opened our doors in the heart of Echo Park. We brought on two of our friends as partners last year, Brianna and Josue. Both have been integral part of our profound growth and evolution this year. Together as a team we plan on expanding Glowing to more communities across Los Angeles. Read more>>

Takisha Chase

In June of 2015, I went to my doctor about a knot under my arm that appeared to be about the size of a dime. I was 37 years old at the time. My doctor asked me if I had had dental work. He told me that I had an infection in my mouth and then he gave me antibiotics. I didn’t understand what a knot under my arm had to do with my teeth. In my heart and gut I felt like it had to be something else however I said nothing because I felt my doctor knew what he was talking about. I got my medicine and went home. Read more>>

Imani Jackson

I’m a model and wellness influencer who moved to Los Angeles from Baltimore, Maryland. In addition, I am a former student-athlete so health and fitness is very important to me. My body is also my art, my canvas that I enjoy expressing via photos/videos. My journey has been much of me doing just that for others. Beauty work is my favorite and being in a warmer climate has allowed me to continue my fitness and health goals while still maintaining modeling. Being here in California has allowed me to pursue the dreams that now I can say are becoming a reality.. Read more>>

Isiah Edwards

I grew up in New Orleans, Louisiana with 2 divorced and very strict military parents. I moved around a lot had very few close friends. I was bullied in middle school for only hanging out with girls kids teased me and would call me all type of names which lead to me fighting and eventually becoming a class clown. I noticed kids wouldn’t bully me if I made them laugh so I became that guy who try’s to make everyone else laugh even when he’s not happy at all. Once I moved to Oceanside, CA during my 7th grade year I was culture shocked went from wearing uniforms everyday in school to being able to pick out my own outfits and find my sense of style this was the beginning of everything for me. Read more>>

Nathaly Muralles

It all started in high school, I would get up at 5am everyday to do my makeup & hair! Lol, I would never do that now but that’s how committed I was. I always knew I wanted to be in the beauty industry. Now I look back and I get teary-eyed thinking about it because I came a long way since then, mentally and physically. Read more>>

Sharelle B. & Sierra T.

We actually were in the same undergraduate program at North Carolina A&T State University but just rolled with different people on the yard. After graduation, we were following each other on Twitter. One day, I (Sharelle B.) tweeted, “I want to start a podcast” and Sierra has tweeted something similar like a few days later LOL! I (Sharelle B.) jumped in Sierra’s DMs and was like “you wanna start a podcast?”A few days later, we met at a bar, had some chicken fingers and drinks and two weeks later, the first episode of the podcast was born….without a name. The show was named Headwraps & Lipsticks based on Sierra’s love for headwraps and Sharelle’s obsession with lipsticks. Our collection is impressive. Basically, we both are passionate about politics, trending topics and pop culture and love to break down the topics together. Read more>>

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