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Inspiring Stories from DTLA

The heart of our mission at VoyageLA is to find the amazing souls that breathe life into our city. In the recent weeks, we’ve had the privilege to connect with some of the LA’s finest artists, creatives, entrepreneurs and rabble rousers and we can’t begin to express how impressed we are with our city’s incredibly deep talent pool.  Check out LA’s rising stars below.

Shane Carpenter

I first came to know the Los Angeles scene a little over 8 years ago. Some friends from my hometown area were performing at a now defunct DIY venue in Echo Park called The Mime. As time went on, I went to more and more shows there and also continued to make more friends consequently discovering new bands and different venues. Read more>>

Candase Chambers, Ashleigh Chambers

We are proud Bay Area natives and graduates of the University of California, Berkeley with professional backgrounds in television, marketing, editorial writing and digital media. After college, we noticed it was hard to find the balance between doing what we love and feeling fulfilled in our careers while being able to express our creativity and be our authentic selves. Read more>>

Liliana Becerra

I opened my design studio in 2008 as a creative consulting business, after working in the corporate world during 7 years for Nokia Design. I originally relocated to Los Angeles from Milan to work as a color, material and finish designer at Nokia. In Milan I worked for Castelli Design, a consultancy focused strategic design, product identity, and advanced color & material design. Read more>>

Bob Smiland

Life growing up in a modest income family in South Los Angeles was a great joy; I didn’t know any different. We didn’t have a car — my mom and I took the bus everywhere. Riding the bus gave me a chance to meet new people, talk to people different than me, and become friends with absolutely everyone. Read more>>

Eric Spivak

Maybe I was born a hustler or perhaps it’s from growing up with a single mother and always wanting to step in to take a load off her back. You’d be amazed at all the innovative things I did as a kid to make a dollar out of fifteen cents. Countless stories of me beating the system or manipulating situations to make sure I was taken care of first and foremost. Read more>>

David Bell

I grew up on an ecological nature preserve, I had an early understanding of respecting land and resources and also honoring those that were here before us. After High school I worked for the U.S. Forest Service as a firefighter for multiple years before committing myself to a life in the arts. Read more>>

Jessica Bose

I started my business when I was 16 years old in high school. I don’t think I realized what I was getting myself into when I printed my own business cards and had logo stamps made. At the time, I was “Jessica’s Custom Cakes & Desserts.” My customers consisted of teenage boys in search of a last-minute gift for their Valentine and family friends with sons who had dinosaur-themed birthday parties. Read more>>

Leah Guerrero

I’ve been an Esthetician for 12 years and have always worked in salons/spas. It finally came time to have something of my own and I started a skincare business. It lasted about a year and it completely failed due to differences between my partner and I. Read more>>

Monique Mazer

When I was six years old I figured out that if I put red lipstick on my nose and then wiped it off I would look “sick”, allowing me to stay home from school and watch cartoons. At the time I didn’t know it, but that’s when my love of makeup blossomed. Fast forward 15 years, I went to Makeup Designory in Burbank where I refined my skills and learned from some of the best artists in the world. Read more>>

Fay Shih

I first started pole dancing back in 2015. At the time, I was working in corporate America, and needed some creative outlet. Pole dancing was a up and coming popular form of fitness, and I fell in love with it just from one class – thanks to Groupon! Read more>>

Jessica Taft Langdon

I worked for other brands as a footwear designer & product developer for years, and never really thought about the idea of starting my own business. I really love the process of working with factories, and collaborating, and for most of my career, Idid that on behalf of huge companies. Read more>>

Jennifer Howell

An accident is how I would explain the beginning of this journey. I moved to Los Angeles right out of film school with the dream of writing and directing. I went to Emerson College and had a great artist community and we were all working together to make our dreams come true. Read more>>

Brian Ree

I founded Dailylook in 2011 with the premise that it was too difficult to put together really well-styled looks for myself. And I realized that so many men and women had the same challenges talking to friends. So I decided to create a website that focused on selling one head-to-toe styled look every day with one click. Read more>>

Lucia Stephany Contreras Diaz

Lucia Stephany Contreras, Life & Wellness Coach. I was Born and raised in Los Angeles, Ca. Born to Salvadoran parents who came to the states fleeing a Civil War in their country in the 80’s. Battling having to “survive life” and trying to build a new foundation was the norm. Read more>>

Daniel Hubbert

I moved to California in 1988 and attended Musicians Institute. After I graduated I began interning for a music promotion company. We were hired to get songs added to radio station playlists around the country. After a couple years of doing this, Columbia Records hired me to be a local promotion manager in the Southwestern U.S. Read more>>

Marta Miller

The Lefty Production Co. team has worked with designers, fashion brands and retailers of all varieties and sizes. We have worked for high fashion icons including Matthew Williamson, Rosetta Getty and Christian Siriano as well as retailers including Nordstrom and Neiman Marcus. Read more>>

Beks Opperman

When I met my partner Stephen he had already been a designer for years. He worked in denim and fashion, and the moved on to designing and making travel bags. We got married in 2009, and when we moved into an apartment together we started having our first conversations about home design. Always a designer at heart, Stephen wanted to make some of his own pieces of furniture for the new space. Read more>>

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