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Portraits of Hollywood

It’s more important to understand someone than to judge them. We think the first step to understanding someone is asking them the fundamental questions about who they are and how they became the person they are today. Understanding and empathy are essential building blocks for a better, more compassionate world. We’re incredibly fortunate to be able to ask these questions each week through our interview series. Below you’ll find inspiring interviews from in and around Hollywood.

Zion Harris

I started dancing when I was five years old. My aunt took a West African dance course in College and would bring me with her to classes. One day naturally, I stood up and secretly learned the choreography in the corner and eventually the professor caught me and asked me to join class. Ever since then, I trained in West African dance for seven years. I was then invited to join the professor’s dance company, ventured into the hip hop and competition world. From there, I got my first opportunity to be in a music video just from training and working hard in several different dance classes. Now, I am a working dancer for multiple A-List artists and it’s just so surreal to me. Read more>>

Makayla Rogerson

I started modeling at 15 years old when I realized I was behind my age group in skill level for competitive dance, that’s where the idea of modeling came to mind. I had my first shoot with a student at Niagara College Canada in 2016 for the purpose of her final portfolio. In that same year, I made a working connection with a local photography studio that is no longer operating, there is where I started my network in the industry. What really kicked off my career was when I competed in SuperModel Canada Search 2019, making it to the final 25 across Canada (let me mention here that I am 5’3 and the height requirement was 5’7 to compete). At this competition, I made many connections and some close enough to call my friends today, and I was scouted to represent Canada in the Miss Progress International Pageant that took place in four months after the competition. Read more>>

Ryan James DeLaney

I was born and raised in Fenton, Missouri 20 minutes west of St. Louis, Missouri. I have two sisters and a brother. Lindsey, Rachel and Andrew. I am the firstborn sibling and grandchild in my family. I grew up on a horse ranch working and training quarter horses, I learned the true meaning of work growing up on a ranch. Even if your sick or tired, crazy weather conditions, the animals and ranch still rely on you. I would work in all weather elements and seasons. I found that actually very inspirational to be able to experience that. Read more>>

Charlotte Hendrickx

The passion for acting has been there since the day I was born 😉 Of course, it was only after completing traditional schooling that I was able to go full steam ahead. I didn’t hesitate for a second and put aside my happy life in Antwerp to feed my passion with an education at the Los Angeles American Academy of Dramatic arts. I spent two years honing my craft by observing and learning from the best. In 2020, I was invited to the privileged company year for an advanced training. Opportunities I have grasped with both hands and for which I am very grateful! Read more>>

Mary Moran

I learned to love painting from my grandmother. She was a phenomenal painter. When I would go visit her as a little girl she would dress me up in a warn smock (her husband’s old white dress shirts) and we would paint with oils in her back yard. She would say, “oh the painting looks like a Monet” and I would feel so proud of my painting. For a brief time I went to Hollins University in Virginia and I mostly took art classes. I would load my easel onto my back with paints tucked away, and I would climb the hills around the college and paint the lush green fields and deep blue skies. Read more>>

Jordan Lipscomb

With a lifelong love of fashion and an affinity for posing in front of the camera, I have worked hard to propel my career as a professional Fashion Model/Actor. As an aspiring public figure, I have always felt a deep sense of responsibility and privilege to serve as a role model for others. Read more>>

Jesse Johnson

About five years ago, I had an idea for a clothing brand that filled a need in the market. My plan was to create a slimmer-fitting scalloped hem shirt that would fit better than the traditional tee, particularly for those with a taller figure. In addition, the shirt feeling premium and fitting just right, I wanted to have unique and original graphics on them that would make them really stand out. I had quite a few ideas in mind but wasn’t having much success with the designers that I was hiring so I started messing out with photoshop myself. Read more>>

Henry Kellem

It all started in Wallace, Eastern North Carolina. I was born and raised in a small trailer down a dirt road with five siblings and a single mother. The trailer had buckets all around for when it rained. We had no running water inside the trailer. To shower, we would take old milk jugs and fill them up with water at a neighbors house so that we could shower with it. Growing up in poverty, I shared every single thing with my siblings. My mother told me I was the man of the house at seven years old. I took that role very seriously and always provided for everyone until this day. After my younger brother got killed at 13 years old, it defined my purpose in life. That’s when I became obsessed with becoming successful. So that I could live a life big enough for the both of us. I graduated college with a Master’s degree on Business Management in North Carolina Central University. Read more>>

Mackenzie Dudzik

So I actually got my start in New York. I went to the American Musical and Dramatic Academy to study acting. I did my thing out there for about five years and loved it, but chased the sunshine (and some friends) to Los Angeles. I continued to work in commercials here in Los Angeles and eventually got into the influencer space. I discovered how much I loved content creation, branding and marketing and found a lot of success within the first two years. Fast forward four years and my business is well…social media! Not only do I run my own brand (@MackenzieDudzik), but I also have my own digital agency, Social by Mack, which helps entrepreneurs, businesses and other creators too! When I’m not on my phone (working of course!), I continue to work as a lifestyle expert and host for all things Beauty + Fashion! Read more>>

Wendy Lechuga

I am from Toluca, a small city in Mexico. Since I remember, I had a huge call for arts but didn’t grow up with them so I had no idea what was that and didn’t have the chance to educate myself at a young age. Somehow I always dreamed about a place where people spoke the same language as me. I believe destiny and following my heart has brought me where I am today.I wanted to go to Mexico City to pursue two careers as an artist and producer but I was required to stay in my hometown so I studied my B.S. in Communications and I was lucky to start working for theater doing a tour and a couple of seasons in Mexico City. Studied extra classes in order to graduate sooner than normal Read more>>

Gina Raphael

My partner, actress and writer, Tina Alexis Allen and I co-founded Latex Girls Painting and Design Company many years ago when we saw the lack of care and consciousness in the field of house painting. We had our own horror story as did most people we knew – painters not showing up or arriving late or never! There seemed to be a lack of awareness about the details: the garden gets trampled, the yard left a mess, unnecessary noise levels, and a real missing when it came to approaching the project as a home to care for vs just a house that needs painting. We would assert that as women, we do have an edge. Details are something of particular importance and as artists that is compounded in our favor. A competitive edge, perhaps. Latex Girls transforms homes all across Los Angeles, from small bungalows in Hollywood to estates in Pacific Palisades. Our motto is simple: We really do care. Read more>>

Michael Silver

I was in community college depressed and trying to go with the motions in the process of transferring to a four years university when I went to an open mic and tried stand up comedy. From there, I dropped out and focused on working in order to pursue my dream of being a successful stand up comedian. Read more>>

Kejun Zhao

I’ve been loving painting and drawing since childhood. I can’t remember how it started, but it’s natural to me. So I keep doing that, learning skills and growing my own style up gradually. When being enrolled in college, I majored in graphic design. At that time, I learn the skills of digital painting, computer programs and how to communicate with clients. As a graphic designer, I have to suffer from pretty strict disciplines and requests from clients, so I couldn’t really “create” or “build-up” something. When I was in the junior year, I did some illustrations for my book and package design, and then a door of the whole new world opened in front of me! It is the type of art I was looking for and I really enjoyed. Then I started doing my own illustrations and enrolled in Syracuse University pursuing Illustration MFA. After getting my MFA in 2015, I moved to Los Angeles and work as a full-time freelance illustrator until now. Read more>>

Jon Madray

I am a Guyanese-American Actor, DJ and founder of the canvas art brand INSPXRE; an online art gallery that embodies motivational and inspirational pieces that lets the customer choose from 3 causes to give back to with their purchase. Initially starting out as a DJ and music producer, I have played some of the most amazing shows and most iconic venues over the last 15 years, and I’ve also gotten the chance to collaborate with some of the music industry’s biggest names such as Grammy-nominated producer, Avicii! I eventually started exploring the film world by creating comedy skits with other comedians and discovered that I had a ‘secret’ love for film.  Read more>>

Mia Hicks

I’ve always been a writer in a sense. As a child, I would write poems, songs, essays, and short stories every chance I got. It was how I expressed myself, my feelings, how I shared my experiences and released my traumas. It’s safe to say that I didn’t talk much but I would fill up notebooks on top of notebooks with my own words. Over the years, I would convert back to writing whenever I needed an escape. It wasn’t until 2016 when I decided to get back into writing and begin a fictional blog named “Behind Kaylin’s Eyes.” One day I published the blog entries online and it was all she wrote literally after that. I begin to get readers from all over: Florida, Canada, and Africa. Read more>>

Jim Zver

My duel interests were always writing and visual art. Art won. I graduated from the Art Institute of Chicago (BFA), where I was born and raised and moved to New York. I initially worked in the display department of the Metropolitan Museum of Art and painted in my first loft. After a few years, I left the museum and painted full-time. I taught in various colleges and art schools, such as the School of Visual Arts, Brooklyn College and Cornell University, where I did my MFA when taking a two years break from New York, I also did art restoration in several conservation labs. Read more>>

Laysa Quintero

I’m the designer and owner of a Los Angeles-based sustainable and ethical women’s brand, Alma and Rebels. I was born (and raised) in Los Angeles to first-generation Mexican immigrants. Growing up, I had to be outgoing, vocal, and decisive, as my mother was deaf and mostly spoke Spanish. Being her interpreter from a really young age forced me to grow up fast. Photography was the first passion I fully put my soul into. It was what ultimately led me to design and start Alma Xx Rebels. In design, every pattern, silhouette tells a story, and the best comes from the view of the world that you have as a designer; very much like looking out from behind the lens. Read more>>

Andrew Leung

I grew up as an uncomfortably shy kid in Oregon in a town where there were few people that looked like me. Because of this, I spent a lot of time drawing pictures of worlds from imagination, making sounds and music to spaces that could only exist in the mind’s eye. The town of Eugene, at the time, was exceptionally great at being boring, and that staleness fueled a drive to make big things. The computer became the magic box where I could get it to do things that would otherwise be impossible and the portal to a world outside beyond the foggy pines. Read more>>

Karola Raimond

I grew up bilingual between Frankfurt, Germany and New York City. I have Italian heritage and hold a dual citizenship (USA/Germany). After being trained in ballet and martial arts, my desire for storytelling & expression soon brought me to acting and writing. Already at an early age, inspired by my muse Marlene Dietrich I knew I wanted to become an actrice. I graduated with a Master of Arts in Media Sociology and Social Psychology from Frankfurt University while landing numerous guest-star roles on German television dramas. I was also a popular Motion Capture actress and worked for major European video game manufacturers. Read more>>

Lawrence Longo

I grew up in Toronto, Canada in an Italian family who loved to cook and eat. I played hockey for most of my life winning a Canadian Junior A championship and then playing varsity hockey in my hometown at York University. I moved to Los Angeles to pursue a career in the entertainment industry. During my time in entertainment, I worked for the producer of the Matrix, Swordfish, Lethal Weapon as his assistant and then creative executive. I eventually started my own company producing comic books, graphic novels and animated cartoons. I quickly realized my passion for discovering “Off The Menu” items after dining at Spago and learning about Wolfgang Pucks famous secret menu item the smoked salmon pizza. I began developing a TV show based on “Secret menu items at restaurants”…. the show never happened, but the idea changed my life forever and threw me into the thralls of the food industry. Read more>>

Dante Luna

Growing up with parents who were professional ballet dancers, I was always surrounded by music, dance, and the theater. We listened to everything from European classical music to classic rock, so it’s no surprise that at a young age, I had a fascination with anything music and the process of creating sonic art. In my journal from when I was five years old, you can find drawings I made of me conducting an orchestra with all my friends and descriptions of fantasies I had while listening to music. I would try to write music before I knew much about music theory or music notation, but when I was thirteen, I wrote and premiered my official first composition, which was a four-movement piano piece called the Four Elements, written for Earth Day in 2009.  Read more>>

Luca Manganaro

I was born in Italy 37 years ago, with the dream to become an actor and the reality of a disability. I had an incurable illness of movement that made it very hard for me to move around without having huge spasms and convulsions in my limbs. Top neurologists had no clue and stuffed me with medications. All sorts of alternative therapies never worked. Needless to say, my attempts to be a decent actor were never successful. Until, at the age of 22, someone literally convinced me to practice Buddhism and chant the mantra nam-myoho-renge-kyo to heal myself. My body responded immediately to that! My illness got worse for the first two months of chanting, and then it gradually got better until I healed myself in the span of about a year. I was free! Free and without excuses! Read more>>

Tiffani Gyatso

I was born in Sao Paulo, Brazil, 1981. My parents created a community in the rain forest up in the mountains of the countryside and there I grew up with other children, no electricity, a lot of nature and my horse. When I was 14 years old, we moved to a sailing boat and after two years, I moved to Australia, where I spent three months in an aboriginal community and other few months backpacking. I came back to Brazil and felt that a nomadic life filled my spirit with inspiration, but still I wasn’t sure what I was looking for. In 2000 when I completed 18, I united again with my parents and we drove in a motorhome from Germany to Mongolia, crossing Russia.  Read more>>

Monica Miklas

If you ask my parents, they’ll tell you I’ve always been a bit of a performer. (A recently discovered home video shows me giving a barn-burning performance of “Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer” at age three). I loved acting as a kid but always split my time between being on stage and playing sports. After being introduced to stage management in college, I spent the early part of my career in Los Angeles focused on producing live events and comedy. I went to grad school for theater management and business, then moved into the non-profit world, producing huge galas and intimate donor events in the world of classical music. Read more>>

Joseph Medina

Beginning of 2020 started out busy like any other year, I was working full-time to support my family. On my days off, I enjoy inviting my family and friends over for home-cooked meals. My younger sister, Marizah, had been consistently asking me to make her the new trending food “Birria”, after looking up videos and recipes, I decided to give it a try. In the comfort of my home with my immediate family and one good friend, we all enjoyed a pot of what they called the best meal I’ve ever cooked for them. That evening we all sat out in my backyard enjoying each other’s company, my family raved about the food and how successful I would be if I were to sell this dish. Read more>>

Lucy Peru

I was given a very small classical guitar when I was eight years old. I bought a Joni Mitchell songbook and started to learn a Joni Mitchell song when suddenly I thought, “I don’t want to sing about Joni’s thoughts and feelings- I want to sing about mine!” And I wrote my first song about pancakes. And I fell in love with that tiny guitar. There was an enormous, beautiful tree in the backyard that I always climbed, and I would carry my guitar with me as I climbed the tree (no easy feat!) so I could perch on the highest branch and write my songs. I worked in high school as a singing server and then decided to go off to college and study dance so I could dance with my favorite modern dance company. The decision shocked everyone, including myself. Read more>>

Rob Brownstein

I’m an actor, started doing theater in NY and regionally. Moved to L.A. first in 1990 then permanently in 1997 and started doing television and film. I have an acting studio an Actor’s Space where I have been teaching for ten years (anniversary this past June) at the Hudson Theaters on Santa Monica Blvd. Amongst many things, I recently played Bernie Lewinsky on Ryan Murphy’s American Crime Story – Impeachment about the Bill Clinton/Monica Lewinsky scandal. I have a really interesting family history. My grandparents were big-time lefties – Emma Goldman et al were regulars in their home. I come from a mixed-race family, grew up overseas. My sister and her wife and family live in Santa Barbara, my brother and his family are in D.C. He is one of very few African-American high-ranking State Dept. officials. I was a dyed in the wool New Yorker until I moved to L.A. and discovered the cliches were all wrong. I am a total Angeleno – in the way Steve Martin is in L.A. Read more>>

Tai Beauchamp

Many people may know me from my time in front of the camera or even years before when I was a magazine editor. Over the last 20+ years, I’ve spent my life (professional and personal) connecting with women, facilitating meaningful conversations, investing in young women as a mentor and investor, advancing messages about living full, empowered lifestyles. As an entrepreneur, I run my media company Tai Life Media as well as Brown Girl Jane, a plant-based wellness brand centering the needs of women of color that I co-founded with my Spelman College Sisters. In an effort to support women as they elevate and grow daily, I created a daily IG Live experience called Morning Mindset with Tai. Morning Mindset is about being fed and fueled. Morning Mindset with Tai is a centering space and invitation for individuals to convene online and in-person through mindful practices including communal devotional reading and discussions, meditation, movement, environmental awareness, and prayer. I continue to produce and host TV, consult with brands and also serve as a keynote speaker for corporations and universities. Read more>>

William Jefferson Jr

I started at the age of 18 when I did my first web series “Juke: A Chicago Story” which hit over a million views on YouTube. I then went to a small Hbcu Miles College and studied Communications. Graduated moved back to my home town Chicago and started getting back into the industry and the business side of it. Read more>>

Julia Jade

I started writing music when I was around 5 or 6 years old. I told my sister we should go into separate rooms and not come out until we wrote a song. Needless to say, my song was not my best work, but I do still remember most of it. Since then, I’ve written songs, and for a long time, they were intended for my ears only. I was a children’s theatre goer and attended Millikan Middle School of Performing Arts as an orchestra kid who later turned musical theatre (there’s no getting away from it!) I then was admitted to the LA County High School for the Arts for theatre — still writing and showing nobody. Read more>>

Dina Saalisi

I’m passionate about healing. It’s been a lifelong journey that began early on. Throughout my life, I sought out spiritual and holistic methods for dealing with my childhood trauma. I’ve had many teachers along the way who led me to various healing techniques. But I think nature has been my greatest teacher. Always available, deeply supportive and soulfully nourishing. Nature indeed heals. When I discovered the medicine available from flower energy, I was enchanted. How could a method so simple be so effective at transforming deeply rooted trauma? I began using the Bach flower remedies as a way to help others go deeper in their healing experience with more ease. Read more>>

Jeremy Hecht

I was born in Winnipeg, Canada and always had dreams of creating something bigger. When I was 12 years old, I fell in love with Hip Hop but at 16 years old listening to the “Middle Child” generation of rappers like Kid Cudi, Drake, J. Cole, Wiz Khalifa, Big Sean and more, I was inspired to want to express myself through music. I had been making YouTube videos for fun but in 9th grade, I finally had the confidence to put out my own music online. I grew a local following and started doing shows. One day, a classmate sent me a video link of this kid who posted a YouTube video called “Goodbye.” He couldn’t have been any older than 12 years old and wanted to end his life. I felt called to post a video reply to his story and urged him to think about all of the possibilities of the future. Read more>>

Joaquina (Jojo) Gentil

I always felt close to the artistic world. I grew up singing beside a piano that my dad played and always felt attracted to musicals and theatre. After spending my childhood in Brazil and Argentina, I embarked more deeply in the performing arts world in Buenos Aires, Argentina. I enjoyed singing and that brought me close to the stage world. I had a cover band for multiple years and started working with Artists by writing lyrics and melodies for their songs. One of the tunes I composed part of the melody for “Before Paris” by Cazap & Boskis, which contains my vocals, is played all around the world in electronic music festivals by figures like Hernan Cattaneo. Music brought me closer and continued to follow me around to my other passions. Searching for a deeper understanding of the craft of acting, I embarked in a journey to France where I trained with some of the best teachers from London. Read more>>

Hazuki Kato

I was born and raised in Japan. My mother is an English teacher and she had a big influence on me. I grew up watching a lot of American movies, so I always dreamt of being in Hollywood, but it was also surreal to me at the time in my little hometown. After graduating from high school, I decided to study abroad in the United States to become a film director or a special effect make-up artist. I studied directing at college in San Jose. I then had the opportunity to be cast in a fashion show in San Francisco and realized that I enjoyed being on stage to express myself. I am very tall for a Japanese woman, so it made sense to start my career in modeling. Read more>>

Solo Ceesay

Solo Ceesay, Co-Founder at Calaxy, grew up in St. Louis, Missouri prior to graduating from The Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania. Born to parents who hail from West Africa, Solo grew up understanding the power behind understanding varying points of view and cultural practices. Growing up, Solo had always excelled in the classroom but his passion for sports came far later in life. Most of his time was spent in the classroom or at his desk at home. It wasn’t until he moved to a new school where sports were a requirement that he gave football a try.  Read more>>

Yohai Portal

Yohai Portal was born and raised in a small town near Haifa, Israel. Yohai’s family is full of artists and a creative environment all around. Painters, dancers, movement teachers, architecture, hair and clothing designers, and other musicians. His first band was at 16 years old, and he started playing shows in his hometown area (Kiryat Atta). After giving up sports for good, due to a bad knee injury, Yohai started focusing on playing by developing his musicality and performance skills, Playing 10-20 shows every month in the years to follow with different cover bands, tribute bands, and wedding bands all across Israel. Read more>>

Meg Porter

After many years of freelancing as a singer, songwriter, and background vocalist, I genuinely felt pulled to start over as an artist and use my voice to share more authentic and meaningful content. My new release “Take It Back” comes out on all music platforms November 19th and it’s really about the heartache of not being accepted by a loved one. As a member of the LGBTQ+ community, I truly feel that a part of my purpose on this earth is to speak up and create music that reflects more of our collective stories and experiences. “Take It Back” is the first step in that direction and it’s rooted in so much love for the LGBTQ+ community who are so resilient, compassionate, courageous, empathic and free, despite facing so much adversity on the journey to becoming their most authentic selves. I hope that this song finds a special place amongst the community and inspires more people around the world to be themselves, love themselves and always follow their heart. Read more>>

Omar Juarez

I started out as a kid interested in becoming a filmmaker. To learn a little more about cinematography, I taught myself how to use a camera by doing headshots and lifestyle shoots, which in turn taught me a lot about lighting and composition. That lead me to shooting and directing small films and eventually finding a career in film and commercial work. Read more>>

Jennifer Champa

I am an Incense Artisan, and I make all-natural, handmade, eco-friendly incense as the founder of Magixstyx. I have a medical background as a Physical Therapist and have understood the role of proper self-care during healing. Lighting incense for me is a large part of my lifestyle, as I was raised in a traditional Laotian Buddhist household. I use incense as a way to connect with my spirituality, reduce stress, commemorate ancestors, purify the air, and express my gratitude. I struggled to find incense on the market for my most sacred rituals, so I decided to learn about the history and art of incense and formulate my own recipes. Using woods, resins, herbs, spices, and tree barks, I aim to create the ambiance for beautiful and sacred spaces while respecting the process and the cultures of those who understand the power of plants. Read more>>

Bianca Nin Mcmahan

Having a degree in Communications in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, I moved to Los Angeles to pursue a career in United States. Since then, I have been working for numerous Los Angeles media – writing and producing for NBC Latin America, TV Global International, Globo News, Fantastico, Band TV, The Hollywood News Reporter, and Red Carpet Reporter. In Hollywood, as an independent film producer, she has worked in films such as Man Camp, Brazil My Love, Double Blind & Te Amo Shabbat Shalom! Passionate for documentaries and environmental subjects, I have worked in projects such as Child of Nature and Amazonian Ecocide. Read more>>

Tilky Jones

I was born in Charleston, South Carolina to a woman named Debra and a man named Michael. Neither of whom I would grow up to know. My mom Sandra, and Dad George, adopted me when I was two days old and shaped my childhood as I know it to be. At the age of three, we had to leave South Carolina abruptly due to my father’s job as a high-level criminal state prosecutor. He had started to receive death threats regarding a case he was on which resulted in a family member of the defendant firing shots at our home. So, we packed up everything and drove down to Vero Beach, Florida. Read more>>

Ting Yu

I grew up in Shanghai, China graduated from Shanghai Film academy and then soon became a reality TV director. But after almost four years in the local industry, I realized I was more comfortable in the editing bay than on set. And Hollywood is always my dreamland to go. So I applied to the MFA in Chapman University and my emphasis is film editing. Spending three years there, I leant so much about the film production, the workflow, the way people work and communicate is so different than what I experienced in Shanghai. And before I came to LA, I was kind of worried about the language barrier, but my classmates and the editing faulty are so kind and nice and they helped me a lot. Read more>>

Vasan Arul and Emma Karla Peet

We are two writers who wrote and produced My Roommate is a Shinigami, a six-episode web series about Emiko Tachibana, who moves into a new apartment in Honolulu in hopes for a fresh start. However, Emiko’s move takes an exciting turn when she finds out that she is living with a God of Death and the rest of her roommates are not human but Japanese Yokai (mythological creatures & spirits)! The series’ origins started in a Hollywood acting class we met in when we both were pretty new to LA around three years ago.  Read more>>

Vonjako Andrea Giacomini

I am a Photographer and a Filmmaker in Los Angeles. I was born in Italy and my passion as a kid was music and photography. I never went to photography or filmmaking school but I went to music school. I studied Percussion and classical music at the conservatory of music in Italy (Pescara) and Musicology at the Dams University (Bologna) then I won a scholarship to go study at Berklee College of Music in Boston in 1997 to study performance as a drummer. So I moved to the US. There I graduated in less than four semesters (very fast graduation) and then moved to LA to pursue a career in music as a drummer. While playing with multiple bands in LA, I also started my master’s in communication and music at Cal State LA. Read more>>


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