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Portraits of Hollywood

It’s more important to understand someone than to judge them. We think the first step to understanding someone is asking them the fundamental questions about who they are and how they became the person they are today. Understanding and empathy are essential building blocks for a better, more compassionate world. We’re incredibly fortunate to be able to ask these questions each week through our interview series. Below you’ll find inspiring interviews from in and around Hollywood.

Ben Jaimen

The inspiration for what eventually became ZigZag sparked from a video that I produced for a song called “7 Billion People”. My entire professional life, I’ve been in the music and entertainment industry, often working with charity organizations, specifically those dealing with children. So for the “7 Billion People” project we had the idea to create a virtual kids choir, asking kids from all over the world to submit a 5 second video snippet of them doing the 7 Billion People dance. The result was beautiful, but the work to make that video happen was A LOT! From collecting all the clips to engaging a videographer that would mix all of them into one final mashup, and so on. That’s when the idea for developing a video co-creation app was born. Read more>>

Daria Diache

I was fortunate to know what I wanted to do since I was little. At least that’s what many people have told me. And yes, I consider myself very blessed. What they don’t know is that it’s not about knowing what you want, it’s about blindly doing. I was ten years young living in Ukraine when, for the first time, I saw the movie THE MASK with the Great Jim Carrey and I knew right then that I wanted to be like him. I wanted to dress up and play for a living! Two years later, I booked a role in my community theater and my journey began. Classes, rehearsals, and dreaming about getting more roles all while researching. Oh yes… the research. Where are all the best and most respected actors? Where was the world’s leading theater and film industry? I never even considered being a small-town actor; I wanted to be Jim! Google said… HOLLYWOOD! And I said… EASY, I can be in Hollywood! Read more>>

Anne Therese

I started acting at a young age, and it was my dream to be an actress. Every time I was asked what I wanted to be when I grew up, I always said “a lawyer” because I realized saying I wanted to be an actress didn’t award me a positive reaction. In time I realized that I was passionate about both. I love the process of telling the stories I believed in, but beyond that, I realized that there is so much more involved to bring a story alive. This epiphany intrigued me and lead me to the journey I’m on today. My training is rooted in theater but I’ve always had a love for television and film. This allowed me to express myself in singing and dancing, which I also enjoy a lot. Theater, in my opinion, is more intimate, and television allots for inspiration beyond just the audience. I cherish my moments in the theater because they gave me the foundation I needed not just in acting but for life. It not only gave me confidence in myself but it made me believe in my dreams and aspire for something bigger than myself. Read more>>

Scott Sykes

I moved here from Arkansas 20 years ago. My grandfather went to school with William Dillard who started Dillards department store in my hometown. I have worked in fashion for over 20 years, working the longest for Dolce & Gabbana in Beverly Hills Men’s. There I worked with many clients, fun clients and celebrity clients including Elton John and Michael Jackson. I met my business partners there and was actually their salesperson. We started Universal Body over seven years ago as primarily a fitness and skincare company in Universal City. It naturally became more of a clothing store the longer we were open. It grew into its own and when we moved to 8000 West Sunset Blvd, the rest is history. We now house over 40 designers, artists and brands, many of which are local or US companies made in the USA. Read more>>

Renee Waniolek

It all started with a dream (haha sounds cheesy, I know). But in all honesty, I have loved the boho lifestyle and fashion my whole life. My mother and grandma kept me and my younger sister Sheri on the move since we were little and I believe that is what gave me the love for traveling… hence our brand is inspired by the boho and traveling lifestyle and traveling keeps me busy and moving! The fear of failing and not quite knowing where to really start held me back! Someone once told me that I would need about 10k to get started and that sat with me in the back of my head for years, totally psyched me out and so I thought ok I guess this will just have to be a dream! Read more>>

Joseph Schneider

It took me a long time to find myself. I’ve carved out this weird niche where I teach during the day and write mystery novels at night, and it’s perfect and I love it, but I never could’ve predicted it. For a long time, I thought I’d be an actor, but I was no good. Too self-conscious, too worried about being liked. Got my degree in theater from UCLA, then spent my 20’s working as a magician and going out for auditions whenever I could book them. Along the way, I taught ballroom dance and studied to be a projectionist and did a bunch of other things that for one reason or another didn’t become my career. I loved collecting experiences but couldn’t seem to nail down just one exclusive thing that fulfilled me. And basically, I ended up saying to myself, if I become a writer, then everything’s open to me. Read more>>

Scott Phillips

I actually reside in NJ but I do travel. I’m looking forward to building clientele and connections in the Los Angeles area soon! I started as a videographer until I realized I had no passion for it. So with a flick of the switch, I turned my camera into manual mode and started snapping! I’ve been shooting for ten plus years and just recently opened my own studio here in Jersey. The secret formula to how I got here is God, determination and just betting on myself. I love shooting glamour, music, portraits, boudoir, fashion, and commercial photography. I just want to be happy, be able to create and help the next creative person. Read more>>

Erica Lippy

I have been on a constant pursuit to discover my passion and purpose, but it has taken a long while and many wrong turns to determine what it was that I was made to do. After falling into a career that I once said I would only do for one year, turned into 17 years, I finally gained clarity over the pandemic by diving deep into my own personal development. For the past 17 years, I have made the name for being one of the most sought-out Fit Models in Los Angeles because I had the right figure to fit for clothing brands and expertise in the field. Although I knew I had a much bigger purpose to serve than making clothes fit well. Read more>>

Ashley Allen

Sobriety has given me a life bigger than I could imagine. My alcoholism made my world so small. My self-confidence was non- existent and I was isolated. Shame ruled my life. My inside did not match my outside and I was scared to be vulnerable and talk about my struggle with anyone fearing judgment or being the topic of gossip. The minute I got honest about my battle, the ugly truth of it, true recovery began and it started with connection. Being emotionally honest, putting all my cards on the table, inviting people in, it was then I experienced the truest, purest forms of relationships and connection. During my alcoholism, I could not see a future. I did not have the capacity to. I was just coping with life the best I knew how to at the moment. I self-medicated my anxiety which only caused more anxiety, depression and shame. I was in survival mode and my dreams were lost. My world became big with recovery and sobriety. I gained true friendships, I saw a new healthy self-esteem budding, I started a public relations and event-based marketing company that promotes connection and authenticity and I even got engaged to a man who loves all of me, past included and celebrates my wins. Read more>>

Raul Campos

After knowing each other for 12 years, and many professional encounters in the LatinX music world, we decided to join forces. Pili, as an Emmy-winning host had her own music TV show on Spanish television and Raul, as a renowned DJ from LA’s tastemaker radio station KCRW, the connection and rapport to many of the artists we interview has been there for years. Some of their first interviews were with us many years ago in their infant stages before becoming the mega stars they are today. We’ve always known how important it is to shine a light in the stories and craftsmanship of LatinX musicians. The main goal is to bring music lovers the best inside look into the person behind the persona in an all new uncensored, raw, genuine and bilingual podcast. Pili being from Puerto Rico and Raul from Mexico, with the energy of the melting pot that is Los Angeles, the idea has always been to fuse languages and cultures. Read more>>

Julianna Poldi

My creative journey began at the young age of four. Testing a pair of fabric shears on my grandmother’s skirt, my fascination with scissors was immediate. Her disapproval only guided my four years old focus from cutting fabric to hair… With no repercussions for cutting my doll’s hair or my own, many years and haircuts later, I found myself in London, England at the Sassoon Academy. That’s where the proverbial light switched on and I felt the call to be an artist. While attending courses at the University of California Santa Barbara, my talent as a painter was recognized. A sellout and first solo exhibit in 1997 inspired me to pursue even higher education. While I owned and operated a hair salon and art gallery, I received my Master’s Degree in Fine Art from John F. Kennedy University in Berkeley, California in 2003. Read more>>

Jenna Z Alvarez

She was classically trained as a dancer at the early age of 6 years old and became proficient in ballet, contemporary, lyrical, jazz, tap and hip-hop. Jenna’s aspirations of performing and sharing her artistry to a wider audience transitioned her from the stage to new media and eventually television. Jenna became one of the latest of Disney Mouseketeers on “The Mickey Mouse Club” rebooted as “Club Mickey Mouse” which launched exclusively on Facebook and Instagram on September 8, 2017. Transitioning from social media, Jenna made her television debut on Showtime’s 2019 Golden Globe Nominated “Kidding” with Jim Carrey, which was produced by Dave Holstein, Jim Carrey and Michel Gondry. Jenna played ‘Havana’, a quirky, upbeat teen and potential love interest of Carrey’s on-screen son for two seasons from 2018 to 2020. Read more>>

Seth Dolan

I grew up in the tiny state of Rhode Island and always loved the world of entertainment. From the time I was very young, I aspired to make people feel happy, feel connected, and feel entertained. I also loved teaching, giving back and trying to improve the world around me. I left RI right at 18 and went to college in Boston and worked at Walt Disney World in Orlando, FL before settling in LA. I was really fascinated by a company I had learned of in Florida called MAC Cosmetics. At the time, MAC was younger in the beauty space…and they were the first company I noticed that really stood up for individuality, celebrating all of their staff – so many of their leaders were LGBTQ+ and/or women. As someone who was quite an outsider growing up, it felt like a place I wanted to be. I loved the message and wanted to be a part of it. Read more>>

Susan Lucas

I’ve been in Los Angeles pursuing and building my music and film career since 19 years old. It’s a journey to say the least but I am incredibly grateful for the opportunities to be able to do what I love. I grew up in Camarillo, a small suburban town just outside of Los Angeles. Even though I lived near the city, I rarely was allowed to go into it. So, I spent my childhood looking for every performance opportunity I could find. From local theatre, improv, singing lessons and finding film groups within the Ventura County area. I am incredibly grateful for the Santa Paula theatre, Flying H Group, Ventura comedy club, Joyce McWilliams and House of Magic. Read more>>

Kseniya Yorsh

I came to LA in 2013 to be closer to what I always felt passionate about – film. A 2-month study trip turned into a whirlwind of events that led to my staying here and pursuing film producing as a career. It’s been eight years of this journey so far and those years encompassed studying in 2 film schools and then producing more than 35 projects. I am a planner by nature but this endeavor was completely unplanned. It was a living-in-the-now kind of thing and I honestly think that’s the biggest factor that contributed to my busy and fulfilling work-life in LA. Truly enjoying each project that came my way, I lived through the experience of bringing it to life with enthusiasm and gratitude, giving it my all. Read more>>

John Beal

A fourth-generation Californian, I was born in Santa Monica, California, and surrounded by music in the family home, as my Dad played us everything from the greatest symphonies to pop and jazz from all eras. My fraternal grandfather was one of the pioneers of the very first television broadcasts and the recording of Arturo Toscanini’s famous RCA concerts and part of the team that designed the multichannel sound for Fantasia. My first introduction to musical instruments was short-lived. My parents had given me a child-sized drum set for Christmas when I was five years old. The heads only lasted one day. So, I started piano at age six and by age eight, I was a vocal soloist in a professional boys’ choir. I was blessed by introduction to fabulous teachers and opportunities. I started drums at age nine, studying with a busy studio drummer, and by age 12 was playing professionally in jazz ensembles. Read more>>

Sue Bell

11 years ago, Melissa and I met through a mutual friend who felt we just HAD to connect. By the end of that first dinner, we had the beginning of a friendship and a business plan and a few months later, the beginnings of Fairy Camp LA made its way to the kids of LA. Since then, we have spent the past decade bringing magic, creativity, adventure and fun to kids all over the country by way of our camps, birthday parties, workshops, virtual videos, craft boxes, pen pal programs, teen girls club, and leadership programs. Read more>>

Robinson Aguado

A decade ago, Robinson Aguado and his team entered the mobile electronics world, and today, they are running TradeApples, one of the most innovative start-ups in the game, all while in the face of a global pandemic. Read more>>

Sasha Shabasov

I always knew I was going to become a tattoo artist. Art was my passion. Growing up as an immigrant art is not a profession you got into or dropping out of college. My now husband always told me I can do it and he support me which gave me the confidence to drop out. When I found my mentor Rocky Darkroads saw something in me and has always been supportive of the art I do and helped me grow into the style, I do today. Read more>>

Chelsko Thompson

I am the eldest of all the cousins in my family. I was born in Malibu, CA in a strong conservative Christian family, but also spent a few years abroad from ages 2-4. We lived in the Czech Republic right after the Soviet Union dissolved. I believe growing up in this dichotomy really made me who I am today, I was constantly torn between poverty and wealth, conservative and liberal. We are brought up in a society that indoctrinates us to “pick a herd” but mine was all over the place and completely contradictory on many levels. I believe in some ways this made me the more rebellious artist that I am today and in other ways, I was so torn between so many different ideologies of thought that I just stopped thinking for myself and became a chameleon who could fit in anywhere, it was easier that way, I wouldn’t get as hurt. I fell in love with the arts early on, they were always my escape, they were always my safe place where I could express how I genuinely felt without anyone judging me. Read more>>

Joy Gordo

I knew I wanted to work in the industry or “show business” as they call it, but didn’t know exactly where yet. I had a classmate who loved her casting internship so I decided to apply to talent agencies, model agencies, and casting companies. During my senior year of college, I was hired as an Extras Casting Intern in North Hollywood and have stayed in the business since 2013. After my internship, I began freelancing for different production companies as either a Production Assistant or Office PA. I was painfully unaware about the inconsistency of freelancing. In between jobs, I applied to be on a game show. I auditioned, went through the entire casting process and miraculously was cast for the show! After losing my chance at $10,000, I boldly asked the Casting Director, “How can I do what you do?” Being a Casting Director seemed so fun. Read more>>

Justina Biosah

I was born in London and moved to LA to pursue a career in the entertainment industry. I had come from a theatrical background of plays and musicals, but I wanted to move into the movie and TV world and Hollywood seemed like the best place to be. Acting and music has always been a passion of mine. I started writing songs when I was 15 and then slowly moved on to writing scripts. Moving to LA really opened doors for me. I landed my first movie role in the film ‘Pride and prejudice cut’ which also got me a supporting actress nomination at the 2019 ‘Lady Filmmakers festival’. On September 3rd, 2021 I released my debut single, ‘ROAR’ which is available on all major platforms. I am currently working on my debut album. I started my production company, ‘Justina Productions’, where I directed and starred in our first short film, ‘Living With Sickle Cell’. The short film debuted at the Gideon’s Treasure’ gala at London Fashion Week on Friday 17th, 2021. We are currently working on our first feature film. Read more>>

Eshani Music

I started singing from the age of 13. My parents got me my first karaoke machine and I loved singing. Being originally from India, I grew up in Dubai for the most part and I did my schooling and sang and performed at various school competitions, concerts, drama plays, etc. I started doing a couple of cover songs here and there and then I started writing my own music and released my first single “Hazy” which was produced by Rayan Bailouni in Dubai in 2016 along with a music video for it. I started working on more music released another single “Babycakes” in 2017 and I decided to do an entire album of nine songs which I released in 2018. Throughout my journey until 2018, I found my love for music and singing and had multiple opportunities where I was interviewed and my music was aired live on Virgin Radio DXB, City 101.6 and DanceFM. I was featured on Khaleej Times/City Times in Dubai and I also had the opportunity to open for Duran Duran in 2018 at the Dubai Jazz Fest. Read more>>

Sean Kirk

In 2013, I started working in luxury retail department stores. That is where I learned the art of engaging in and maintaining relationships with clients. I also learned all about the fashion game. The importance of craftsmanship, details, and the quality of fabrics & materials. Being in that environment, I would come across a lot of high-profile clients and celebrities. I would go above and beyond with my customer service and also work to provide service and maintain the relationship after the sale. That is how I built and retained my client book of celebs. I started off in Philadelphia. Once I conquered that market and got experience working with a few of the local pro athletes there, I moved to NYC for three years and built & expanded my network there. In 2018, I decided to take my client book & network and go fully independent. I started Sean Kirk Fashion Consulting (SKFC) and moved to LA to begin offering my services to my clients and putting my stamp on projects. Read more>>

Emi Morell

Almost a decade ago, in Poland I hung a picture of the Hollywood Hills above my bed and I said: “One day I’ll be there!” No one really believed me. A few years later, I’m sipping coffee and watching the sunrise from the balcony of my apartment as usual. I looked at the view, stopped for a moment and realized that far in the back… here they were…those famous Hollywood hills and well… now I’m living my dream! I’m grateful that I can do what I love everyday and that everyday is a different creative adventure. Whether it’s photography, film or music, I feel that I’m free and can express myself fully. Read more>>

Flyy Moon

Born and raised in South Central LA, by way of Compton, I’ve always been musical. It was my outlet. Acting, singing, dancing, writing, no clue who I’d be without it. I’m an old soul… it shows up in my slang, in my fashion, in the things that light up my soul… and especially in my music! I’m a writer! I write poems! I write love notes! I write scenes! I journal! I write prayers and meditations! I write letters! I write SONGS… and I do all of it utilizing every space of my being! I’m spirited and unapologetically me. Influenced by Stevie Wonder, India.Arie, Jill Scott and so many others, I write from my soul. I’ve written dozens of songs ranging from pop to soul, broadway to hip hop, and jingles to R&B, most for other people. But nowwww it’s time forrrrr… my voice to be heard! Read more>>

Pentené Milner

My first introduction to style was through my beautiful mother. She made sure my siblings and I always looked our best to present ourselves with class and confidence. I carried that lesson into adulthood and wore clothing that I always felt represented a poised and respectful young woman. Style has always held a special place in my heart, and in 2014 I fell deeper in love with it because of the ability to create ourselves using clothing, and I wanted to support women that needed help with this. I got serious about turning style into a career path as an Image Consultant and Bridal Stylist. I eventually started blogging to brand myself as a wardrobe stylist and fashion expert. I went from speaking about being motivated by your style to the power of healing yourself through style. Read more>>

Angie Shell

When you ask an artist for their origin story, more often than not it can be filled with a lot of emotion, struggle, inspiration, and above all, passion. I’m not ashamed to say that I fit that cliche like my own (at times very uncomfortable) glass slipper. I was about 15 when I started doing special effects makeup, but I was an artist absolutely all of my life. I had little direction in my adolescence, so I found myself working for a haunted house filled with misfits just like me. The idea that I would be here in Los Angeles doing special effects makeup seemed like the stuff of fairytales. I trained under my late mentor, Jeremy Spickler. Jeremy was larger than life and served as a form of guidance and inspiration to so many people like me. He encouraged me to continue making art and eventually, I was ready to make the big move out of my small town in Pennsylvania. I was a high school dropout with very little money but more than enough heart to take me wherever I needed to go. Read more>>

Moran Sela

My story is about a young girl who always believed in the power of music. I am an R & B soul artist, singer, songwriter. My stage name is Selamo (born 30th of October, 1988) and I was born and raised in Jerusalem, Israel and currently in Hollywood, CA. I danced professionally from a very young age on very large stages as a Jazz dancer and a featured hip-hop dancer and salsa dancer. I am also an inspiring fashion designer and frequently use unique elements related to contemporary or vintage fashion. My endless passion for music sets a true example of a true artist who wants to create everyday while inspiring my own audience and people around the world. Read more>>

Sheridan Ward

It all started on a year long trip to Tokyo, Japan… where I just had to get away from the norm and experience life from a different perspective, in a different culture with a very different language… it gave me a lot of time to think and breath and sit with myself and my thoughts. Having that time out of my comfort zone helped me to realize what I really wanted to do with why life and my career, a literal ‘light bulb moment’ and that I wanted to work in fashion and with celebrities and do all things creative with hair. So, after my return to London, I approached a hair agency and offered my services to assist one of their artists during fashion week… and the artist I ended being paired with was the AMAZING Sam McKnight, and it was a literal match made in heaven and after seven incredible years assisting Sam on his core team traveling the world, and working for some of the biggest brands in the world like Fendi, Chanel and Viviene Westwood I decided to pursue my own career as session hairstylist working in the fashion industry and eventually to the celebrity side of the industry after I moved to LA, and working with famous names here like Michelle Wiliams, Nicole Kidman and Lana Del Rey, Read more>>

Caroline Citelli

I moved to Los Angeles to work in music. I worked for one of the biggest agency’s for some of the biggest agents in the space and then moved into management where I learned how little the entertainment industry cares about your well-being. I was fired from my job after having back surgery. Long hours at a desk and little time for physical health started to take its toll on my body and I was not able to perform the way my employer at the time expected. My surgeon told me she’d only do the surgery if I promised to try out Pilates. I was reluctant, Pilates was so out of my comfort zone and I honestly thought I was “better than it” at the time. Long story short, a couple of classes in I became obsessed, I took something crazy like 290 classes within 365 days and was soon after certified to be a teacher. Read more>>

Savannah Vinson

Three years ago, I graduated high school a year early and moved to NYC from Ohio. I took the big step to pursue my modeling career. Fast forward, I am now signed with five modeling agency’s. I was able to model for some of my favorite brands including Marc Jacob’s fragrance, Target, Sephora, etc. After I accomplished some of my dreams, I started my own casting agency Queen Castings to give talent more opportunity’s and make their dreams come true. Read more>>


I started performing at a young age, introduced to singing by my father and Suzuki piano by my mother. As a child, my father always played guitar for my older siblings to get them to go to sleep but when I came around, I always stayed up singing and dancing. While tuning his guitar, he realized I was on the pitch and that’s when my parents decided to put me in choir and voice lessons. I started performing out with my dad around age six. Any time someone asked me what I wanted to be when I was older, the answer was easy, “pop star!” I’ve been performing ever since. Read more>>

Steph Wilberding

My roots are in the Broadway theater community. I lived in NYC for 16 years, most of which was spent waiting tables and audition for musical theater jobs that were both in and out of the city. In 2011, I started training (as a client) with a friend and former castmate, Mark Fisher. Eventually, his classes led to the opening of Mark Fisher Fitness in Hell’s Kitchen, where I trained and eventually was hired to join the coaching staff. I spent almost five years there before an opportunity brought me to LA. In January of 2018, I opened HK Fitness in North Hollywood. It was a kettlebell training group fitness studio. Those doors were open for almost a year when we had to close up shop. Even though the studio closed, a community was growing. I spent 2019 and early 2020 renting space all over LA to train people in small group settings and personal sessions. Read more>>

Lindsay & Stacie

Homebodease is an in home, self-care service business that was started by Lindsay & Stacie in 2021. Together, we have decades of experience in providing massage therapy and post – operative massage care. We have built a team of quality therapists and continue to add to our team. In addition, we are in the process of adding additional home-based services as we continue to grow. A typical Homebodease experience begins once you visit our website,, and book your chosen service. We bring in home self-care to your front door. Once we arrive, we do a rapid Covid test before proceeding… our therapists are tested daily as well. We are committed to creating a safe environment energetically as well as physically for our clients. Read more>>

Alex Yonkovich & Taylor Bradley

Taylor: Alex and I met in college when we were both Freshmen studying Dance at the University of Arizona. We were partnered up a handful of times our first year of school and we instantly hit it off both a dance partner and friends. We continued to dance together throughout the remainder of our college career and both laughed at lengths about our mutual love for cats & Spongebob Squarepants (seriously an underrated show). Following our college graduation, we both landed jobs dancing in Las Vegas, Alex at The Beatles Love by Cirque du Soleil, and myself dancing in Steve Wynn’s Showstoppers & Le Reve at Wynn. Both of us jumped at any opportunity to teach, choreograph, and create in the Vegas dance community, which often lead to us performing together yet again. Plus, we hung out off stage, as well, over many brunches and the occasional hike through Red Rock Canyon (except that one time we got lost and took a 4-hour “detour” with fumes of gas left in the tank. Good times). Read more>>

Jessica Valencia

I’m originally from NYC different parts… my parents and little family I knew kind of had selective amnesia that I existed… it happens; no one’s caretakers are perfect. I was vortexed here down the matrix life chute and had to get in to fulfill my top secret mission… we all have a top secret mission! If you can spend hours to crack the code on your partners iPhone you can spend some time and get on your Inspector Gadget Nancy Drue detective kick and learn who you are… and your mission… and that can take going through different chapters in life and exploring sometimes one road leads to another road to another highway to a different state. Read more>>

Andreani Constanti

As a young girl, I was very shy. It was difficult for me to express my creativity with pride and glitz. Once I discovered performing everything changed. I was obsessed with the Beetlejuice and I even got a tattoo of Barbara on my leg. That was my initial connection with film and I was determined to train as hard as I could and make it to the screen. After years of heartbreak and devastating but necessary failures, I managed to leave my small country and try to live out my goals and dreams in the U.S.A. I am happy to say that I have reached a point in my career where I am surrounded by extraordinary people that encourage and enable my creativity to speak loudly and extravagantly. Read more>>

Shannon Morton

Well Krys, my life after college was busy and tough. I did a lot of odd jobs while living my life as a struggling artist. I was pursuing a career as a writer, so I did everything from nannying, tutoring, managing a bar and lastly before starting Black Women Lead, I was working in production and writing with my writing partner at the time while doing festival circuits. When Covid hit, I started to rethink what really mattered to me and then the murder of Breonna Taylor really hurt me. She looked like she could be me or one of my cousins, my mother, my aunts. Read more>>


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