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Portraits of Hollywood

It’s more important to understand someone than to judge them. We think the first step to understanding someone is asking them the fundamental questions about who they are and how they became the person they are today. Understanding and empathy are essential building blocks for a better, more compassionate world. We’re incredibly fortunate to be able to ask these questions each week through our interview series. Below you’ll find inspiring interviews from in and around Hollywood.

Samantha Bode

I am the youngest of five children; three girls, one boy, and then me. Growing up, my father was a Missouri Synod Lutheran Pastor, and my mother was an Elementary School Teacher. Because my parents were both employed full time, and the ratio of parent to child was so disproportionate, I was pretty much a free-range child. My childhood was spent exploring the creek by my house, running the town with my friends, and riding bicycles and horses on old trails, sometimes ending up miles from my home and trying to race back before dark. I believe this childhood full of freedom, curiosity and exploration, as well as a college education in television and video production from Emerson College, led me to documentary filmmaking. Read more>>

Andrea Saavedra

I grew up dancing and acting at the age of four. At 21, I was introduced the incredible world that existed behind camera. I started as an office PA and worked my way up to being a production coordinator for two years, then Production Manager, then line producing and now full-time producing and opened my own production company, Moonlight Cinema. In Jan 2021, I made my official directorial debut. I am now full-time creating content for artists, brand campaigns and am writing and developing feature films. I have had interest from different companies for representation as a Director in both the commercial tv and film world. This past month, I directed an entire campaign for Women’s History Month for TikTok that is featured all month long. I didn’t expect to do what I do today, but it’s always been a part of me. Since the age of four, being a creator using art to express myself was always consistent. Read more>>

Joslynn Cortes

I’m the founder, owner and vocal instructor at Vocal Love. Vocal Love is a Latina owned business that focuses on empowering vocalists with custom voice lessons and laryngeal massages structured for the individual and inspiring merchandise that promotes loving YOUR sound! I decided to start Vocal Love in May 2020 during the Pandemic for a couple of reasons: 1. As a professional vocalist myself, I was looking for an affordable online option to help maintain my vocal health and maintain as well as expand my vocal range to prepare for when live theatre comes back. My options were very limited. 2. Right before the Pandemic, I was performing 7-11 shows a week for eight months on a Cruise Ship singing the high belting track. During this contract, I focused in on maintaining my vocal health and spreading the knowledge to other vocalists in the cast. Read more>>

Jaime Black

I am a Musician, Ritualist, Martial Artist, Tarot Reader. I practice Yoga and am a Spiritual Life Coach with a focus on personal empowerment. I also have a podcast (Silverlake Priestess Podcast). My purpose is to empower people to listen to their inner wisdom to connect with their Sacred Purpose and to create an empowered life full of meaning and purpose. I have been playing music and practicing martial arts all of my life and it was there that I began my spiritual practice as well. I got my black belt at the age of 12. I played the flute very seriously all of my young life until I moved to LA and then I picked up the guitar. My younger brother suffered a life-threatening accident when I was 22 and it changed me completely. It broke me open Spiritually, activated my psychic abilities, and woke me up to my purpose. And put me on a path of learning ways that could heal him. I learned to read the Tarot, I studied and practiced different types of Yoga, Meditation, Crystal Healing, Witchcraft, and it was through the Spiritual working and that I started to write music. Read more>>

Daisy Bourez

I’m from France. After finishing my studies in international business I left my country to go to London over there I fell in love with fashion and I started to question myself about what if I want to work in fashion. I always loved fashion but I never thought about all the different careers fashion could offer. Growing up in France, I felt like being an artist is not put forward and I was uneducated about this world. Luckily my partner was an artist and felt my passion for this universe and pushed me to go to this direction. Unfortunately, the life in London wasn’t pleasant so I decided to make a try in Los Angeles and rejoined my partner who already had a situation over there. In Los Angeles, I started to look for internships as a stylist/assistant fashion designer. I had the opportunity to worked for a style house in Hollywood where I dressed different actors for red carpet then I worked with many fashion designers who taught me so much in this industry and from all of this, I decided to attend a fashion school to have more skills. Today I designed and I recently worked as a wardrobe for short movie. Read more>>

Elle. Morris

I’m a part of a hip-hop collective, ILL DOOTS, founded in 2009 while at college. We have since maintained a strong creative relationship while separately living across the US. Last year, we released two albums(The Mess, Age). Due to the pandemic and all of us living in different parts of the world, we couldn’t celebrate in person, yet we made a virtual festival for both albums and celebrated New Year’s Eve. It provided some sustenance for our need for some kind of normalcy. Typically, we’d be creating commissioned music and theatre pieces or facilitating a songwriting workshop. It had been over two years since my last music directing job, and I felt a longing for black storytelling through musicals. New Year’s Day, I found myself in a room on the Clubhouse app, where a group of friends were planning to do a production of Dreamgirls and needed a music director. I sent my resume and the rest was history in the making. Read more>>

Mika Chipana

As a black female from South Africa, becoming a part of the entertainment industry is not something conventional. As a child from Africa, one is expected to either become a lawyer, doctor or engineer. However, the first time I got onto stage in the fourth grade to tell a story, I knew that the only thing that I would truly enjoy doing with my life was to tell stories. Creating unique characters, giving life to them through their histories, the setting and weaving that to paint a picture in peoples’ eyes is what brought me to America to study film. I arrived at film school never having touched a film camera, not knowing the difference between a j-cut and an l-cut or what the basics to making a film were. I simply came with the dream and the desire to tell authentic stories that somehow impacted the people who got to watch them. Almost four years later and I have added so much to my filmmaking arsenal. Every short story that I have made or written is always made as an ode to where I come from and the experiences I have gathered. Read more>>

Estee Stanley and Leah Smith

Estee and Leah began making banana bread during the first month of the Covid lockdown last March. They were literally going bananas. Estees design business was coming to a close but Covid completed her design retirement. Leah stopped wardrobe styling and they had all the time in the world to perfect their recipe… they added a little twist. Chocolate chips! All their friends went bananas when they tried it!. Baby2Baby, a charity that Estee has been involved with for years, needed to raise money, so the banana bread was now FOR SALE. Pink and white striped boxes were bought, a logo was designed for the sticker, and BOOM Gone Bananas Bread was born. Read more>>

Valéria Costa

I originally came to Los Angeles to study the practical side of filmmaking. I had only studied cinema theory until then. When I was about to graduate and it was time to find a job in the industry, the one thing I knew is that I wanted to work on a company that had business relations with my home country, which is Brazil. So, I started my research and I came across Brazil Production Services – BPS. I remember that the company caught my attention and thinking that the business was very interesting, but I was involved in other projects at the time and didn’t apply for a position right away. A couple of months later, I received a message on LinkedIn from a BPS employee whom I had added to my network during my original research, asking me if I would be interested on a producing internship. I said yes right away and, almost four years later, here I am as BPS’ Production Manager. Read more>>

Emily Baird

I’ve always loved food. I started cooking when I was a kid growing up in the Bay Area. My mom briefly worked for Alice Waters, and I was incredibly lucky to be surrounded by the burgeoning culture of “California Cuisine.” It was all about eating seasonally, locally, and organic. At age six, I would go to Cafe Fanny and drink freshly squeezed orange juice at the counter while my mom worked the weekend brunch shift. In elementary school, I would drink small glasses of balsamic vinegar and my preferred school lunch was goat cheese on an Acme baguette.  As I got older, I wanted to be a chef but I worried that making it my profession would kill the joy in it so I went to college in Montreal and studied English Lit. I got a job at a magazine but was miserable so I reached out to a catering company who hired me part-time, minimum wage. Despite the pay, I was so much happier working in a kitchen I knew it was the only real choice for me. Read more>>

Brandon C Stanley

I began playing the clarinet at a young age and quickly picked up the saxophone. I enjoyed my studies in classical clarinet performance, but I always had the urge to play more than what was written on the page. When I heard Howard Shore’s score to the Lord of the Rings, it was instilled in me that I had to become a film composer. I truly started composing in high school; writing and arranging for the concert band, jazz ensemble, and marching band. As it was with most schools in the Midwest, music was centered around concert bands (not orchestras), so I learned orchestration from studying the scores of Percy Grainger, Alfred Reed, David Maslanka, and Frank Ticheli. My extensive music studies began at the University of Illinois where I focused on music composition and theory while continuing to play in the concert and marching bands. Read more>>

Megan Chumbley

I initially went to college in Nashville to study music business, but after a few internships it became clear that I’d much rather enjoy music than work in it. In 2015 I did a semester in LA where I interned at Conan, took improv classes, and overall fell in love with the energy of the city. I grew up in a small town in Kentucky where the culture was very narrow and working in the movies seemed completely out of reach. Spending time here felt like finally acknowledging a huge piece of myself that I never wanted to live without again. I was devastated when I had to return to Nashville to finish school and came back as soon as I could. I spent my first couple of years here working at a startup, then working on as many sets as often as possible. I did everything from holding the boom to ADing, production design, the list goes on. Ultimately I decided to pursue directing and have completely fallen in love with everything about it. Read more>>

Geoffrey Calhoun

It all started as a bet almost 15 years ago. A friend of mine was an editor on a local Saturday morning kids show and he was looking to get into screenwriting. He announced an open challenge to create a screenplay as a way to motivate himself. There were no takers and I knew how important this was to him so I took on the challenge. I learned how to write a synopsis and screenplay and I fell in love with the process. My wife ended up finding the script I had lying around in the kitchen and was enamored with the story. That’s when I confessed how much I enjoyed the process. From there, I went on to read every book on the craft I could find as well as take in person and online seminars. Absorbing anything I could get my hands on, a habit that I still have today. I wrote for years on my own during my free time as I never bothered to show anyone else. Finally one day a gentle old woman asked me if I loved my day job at the time and it hit me… “no, I don’t” I told her as the shock settled in. Read more>>

Rain Zheng

The first thing you should know about me is that I can write a 90-page screenplay to send to producers and agents, but I can barely write one decent paragraph about myself. Cut to the chase. My name is Xiaolin Zheng. I go by the name Rain. I was an overly serious offbeat town boy growing up in a small southern Chinese town. Now I am a film worker here in Los Angeles. I write, direct, develop content. I do still photography for productions. I photographed Guy Pearce, Clown from Slipkot. I also work in production. I’ve PMed music video for musicians like Incubus. Recently I got the opportunity to PM a Jimmy Kimmel music segment for Tyga and ASAP Ferg for their song Dennis Rodman. Born as the fish outta water, I’ve tried writing poetry as a young kid, got to publish some of those and received an opportunity to go to Beijing because of that. That was probably my first time seeing a big city. I don’t remember much except the overwhelming feeling that I have to become big and important some day. Read more>>

Naomi Ekperigin

I’ve wanted to be an actor and writer for as long as I can remember. Growing up in New York City, my mother would take me to plays and I thought the stage was actually a magical place. But I was never sure how someone actually pursued acting and writing for a living. It wasn’t until I got to college (Wesleyan University, in Middletown, CT) that I started to perform in an improv group and as actor in stage plays. Upon graduating, my first job was as an actor with the National Theater of the Deaf, which gave me the chance to travel around the country, performing children’s theater. It wasn’t until 2008 that I tried stand-up in New York for the first time. I immediately loved it (even though it was terrifying, hahaha) and performed whenever I could while working during the day as a magazine editor. In 2013, I was laid off from my job, and it was being forced out of my comfort zone that I began to pursue comedy and acting with real focus. Read more>>

Ben Davis

My parents always told me that if I had a passion for something, I’ve had a passion for animation in all of its forms as long as I can remember. Growing up in LA, I learned that a career in the entertainment arts is not only possible but is an incredible career path. I started creating short films on my own time in high school, and since then I’ve been hooked! Whether it’s traditional hand-drawn animation, CG, or stop-motion, I love building character-driven stories from the ground up. After winning awards for my college films, I took an internship at Seth Green’s Stoopid Buddy Stoodios (the creators of Adult Swim’s “Robot Chicken”). Since then, I’ve had the opportunity to animate on projects for Sony, Hulu, Marvel, Disney, Fox, and other streaming services. My passion for animation continues to grow as I walk this incredible career path of animation. So if you have a passion for something, pursue it. Read more>>

Kelli Schloemer

I grew up as a competitive athlete winning numerous regional and national titles. I was lucky enough to have trained all over the country including some time at the Olympic Training Center. When I finished my competitive career, I became a coach and used my extensive knowledge to produce multiple regional and national champions. During my time coaching, I also began my PR and marketing career. I worked for several recreational businesses on both the East and West coast. My innovative marketing ideas continually increased the yearly revenue in those businesses. I was an invited seminar leader as both a coach and a PR guru. After about 25 years of both coaching and working for other businesses, I decided to retire from coaching and stop working for other people so I could spend more time with my children. I opened my own boutique PR company in Los Angeles. For the last six years, I have been working in the entertainment arena with clients, charities, and brands. Read more>>

Kiara Hester

As the founder of NaturalHairLoves and Mauvelle by Naturahairloves, I’m Originally from Antreville, SC, a small town connected to Abbeville and Anderson, SC. I’ve always been an aware and alert person. My mother always instilled the beauty of blackness to me, and I’ve always been surrounded by Entrepreneurs and Scholars. I’ve always seen people create, and they instilled the same into me. As a child, half the summer, every summer, I would enjoy staying with my Godmother and her sisters who were teachers and African American Lit Professors. Reflecting on moments like those, it only makes sense to be here and moving in and on purpose. I’m adventurous, brave, never afraid, and always of my word. I Grew up continuously in theater, drama, choir and a winner of Oratoricals until 2008. Shy was seldom a part of who I was, but creativity always flowed from me. After high school life happened, along with all the trials and valleys that come with that, but never once did I doubt or give up on myself. Read more>>

Philip Atuonwu

It started when I was in Spanish class just singing just to be loud and funny for the fun of it. A few of the people heard past all the ruckus and told me that I should actually start making music for real. I didn’t take it seriously at first until more and more people were telling me to do so. That is how it all started off. When I started off, I didn’t have any money to pay for stu time so I was always making music on one of my phones. Some of my best songs out right now were probably made on an iPhone 6s. I worked up enough money to be able to invest in a Mac, mic, and some headphones so I can at least make music with a more professional sound and have it mixed by an engineer. Read more>

Julianna Castigliego

I’m originally from Providence, Rhode Island where I grew up surrounded by art and theater. Eventually, this brought me to study film at Emerson College in Boston – I graduated with a degree in Visual Media Arts. Naturally, I had a calling to work in the film and television industry here in Los Angeles. Now I’m an art department coordinator for film and TV, and I also run a graphic art and illustration business on Etsy creating custom artwork for people all around the country. Read more>>

Ziwei Li

I fell in love with all kinds of feminism movies when I was a teenager. I read a lot of novels from China and Japan and write short stories or notes everyday. After earning a bachelor’s degree in Shanghai, China. I’ve been staying in Tokyo, Japan for half a year learning Japanese. I was impressed with a different Asian vision of style in life and art. After that, I come to travel in San Francisco and I found out that the Academy of Art University can make my dream come true sooner. Spending three years studying for a motion picture and television master’s degree, I learnt what movie is, how to deliver right and passional messages to audiences with cinematography, sound, acting, editing and so on. I participate a lot at school, and I learnt how to become a producer, a first AD, sometimes even an actor despite only being a director. Gradually I define who I really am. I love broken souls who struggle to search little happiness in overwhelming sadness, which inspired me creating similar characters a lot. Read more>>

Alec Arce

I moved from New Jersey to Los Angeles on New Years Eve 2017. I felt that it was symbolic for me to move specifically on that day so that I could wake up in my new home in the new year. Since then over the years, to say that it has been a walk in the park is far from the truth, but I cannot deny that it has been the biggest lesson I have ever experienced. The beauty of this lesson is that it is perpetual because this lesson is what we call life. My intention for this move wasn’t only to continue my higher education but also to explore the vast opportunities that Los Angeles provides all who flock here. Such opportunities involved acting, modeling, and unexpectedly, cannabis. While pursuing acting and modeling, aside from being an accomplishment in my eyes, I quickly discovered that it wasn’t providing the financially security I needed to further explore my life and what it can offer. This is when a friend of mine offered to put a referral into their job at a well-known dispensary on my behalf. It proved to be a pivotal moment in my California experience because little did I know that this offer would transform into the beginning of my passion. Read more>>

Tre Castro

I was born in Mexicali, Baja California, in 1992 and relocated to San Diego, California in 2002. My musical journey began when I picked up a guitar in 2006 and my life has not been the same since. I toured with multiple bands throughout Southern California at just 16 years old helping shape the work I now do in the studio. In 2017, I graduated with a BA in Chicana/o Studies from San Diego State University, which, not coincidentally is the same year I began producing full-time. I now attempt to blur the lines of various genres until something unique is created. 2020 placed a lot of obstacles for many but I intend on consistently releasing art and pushing the limits of my creativity. Read more>>

Molly Moore

I grew up in New York and became extremely inspired to pursue music at a very young age. My father was a professional musician and multi-instrumentalist, and he also wrote original music. My mother was passionate about singing and my sister makes original music as well. Being surrounded by so many creative people within my own family encouraged me to really explore my own abilities. I started acting professionally at the age of 10 and auditioned for commercials, film and tv until I was 18. At 19, I made the move to Los Angeles and began pursuing writing for other artists. I was working as a waitress in a restaurant to pay my rent and lied about getting a publishing deal in order to quit after about eight months. I ended up writing with a ton of different people and working odd jobs until I actually signed my first publishing deal at 23. It was at that time that I began writing for my own projects again, I also found myself in a serious relationship and ended up forming a band with my partner. Read more>>

Jamie Rosenberg

My story begins with curiosity and a desire to capture moments. My aunt was a huge influence in my decision to become a photographer. Sadly she is not with us anymore, but every shot, adventure, and connection I make with photography isn’t possible if she hadn’t inspired me to go for it. I find myself questioning my career thus far a lot, but during this time of pandemic and covid-19 I’ve been able to reflect on a lot of good. I started taking photos after I graduated from Santa Monica High School. I was never much into it before that, but something changed for me and I started to trust and allow my perspective to grow. I spent much of the summer post high school shooting almost everyday. I moved to Santa Barbara to attend SBCC and started to study photography there were a year and a half later, I would find myself driving from SB back to LA every weekend to attend and shoot the Mixmag Lab La DJ livestream shows. Read more>>

Patricia Freeman

The culmination of events led to the birth of EMC+… born out of my frustrations of the lack of diversity in mainstream media, knowing educators needed more diverse information and resources in the classroom for students, and our students need more exposure to images that impacts and inspire them. For many years, I aspired to make a difference in my community and have done so through yearly community service projects, writing/producing film projects, and serving as an educator for almost 20 years. In the last several years, I’ve felt there was a need to uplift the community on a different level. While strolling popular television, cable, and streaming platforms, I found that there was not enough content or stories that represented people in my community. Although recently there is some interest in inclusion and diversity in the entertainment industry, I still find that the majority of the popular platforms ultimately fail to show a plethora of content representing the diverse interests and experiences of black people or people of color around the world. In TV land, there are some great movies and comedy shows. Read more>>

Nat Souza

I kind of never know how to answer this question haha because I’ve kind of always been an artist in one way or another. But I started actually pursuing photography/videography/filmmaking in about 2015. My end goal is truly to just be a rockin’ DoP but I am also very interested in photography, art direction/set design, puppeteering, screenwriting, and directing. I kind of just do everything here and there and learn on my own and as I go. Read more>

Laqulia Shuntel (Shinn)

For years I have had an entrepreneur spirit. There is nothing I have wanted more than to be my own boss. About ten years ago, I left my native community in Mississippi to come to Atlanta with nothing but a dream. I had dreams not only for me but for my three children who made the move with me. I knew the city had what I needed. For years I worked various jobs from factories to warehouses and more but I knew that was not my end. Soon as I got in the groove of being in Atlanta, I launched Celibacy Talks. This became a non-profit aimed to promote celibacy among young women. From this movement, I begin to venture into my first love: cosmetology. Before long, I was not only inspiring women to wait on the person God has for them, but I was also able to reach them through my love for the beauty industry. From there, I launched the Bomb Brows Brand. I became a professional esthetician with clients all over Atlanta and neighboring states. Read more>>

Kiri Hart

My mom always took photos of me and submitted them to local magazines and put me up to audition for local commercials since I can remember. She entered me in a model search at twelve and I ended up signing with an agency that wanted to send me to Paris right away. Of course, I said no because I needed braces and I didn’t want to miss my friends at school. What did I know? I was also a dancer and a gymnast for much of my childhood. So I’ve never been a stranger to performing. I felt my first real spark of excitement for being in front of the camera beginning of high school. I was watching the morning announcements broadcasted by the older students on our classroom TV, and I thought they were so cool. I wanted to do that! So I did. I became the new anchor delivering sports news, student stories and reading off the lunch menu every morning. I loved every second of it. Read more>>

Teresa Terry

There was a journey getting to where I am today. I moved to Mobile, Alabama back in 2005 trying to pursue my college career. Due to circumstances, I wasn’t able to finish, but I did start a career in child care. I worked on childcare for 15 years and worked very close to my Administrator. I learned a lot about running a business. I left there and stepped out on faith. I have not looked back since. I am now the owner of Jornae’s Designs, LLC. Read more>>

Phyouture Hart

It all started about 12 years ago when my brother first introduced me to Memphis Jookin, a style of dance that evolved from styles like Gangsta Walking, Buckin, Ticking, Etc. It has been in the culture of Memphis for more than 30 years, it’s a part of the music and the lifestyle of the city. My brother was so obsessed with the style he’d be so hype showing me Jookin videos back to back to back but with me being so young, I didn’t understand the style well. He began teaching me moves and even though I wanted to learn, I still didn’t quite understand. Jookin is a difficult style to grasp so I always was upset or frustrated about not being able to get the moves down. You could say my brother MADE ME Jook. It wasn’t until he took me to one of the Memphis Jookin sessions that I knew Jookin was a style I had to learn. My neighbors were also learning the style around the same time so we met up all the time and practiced together. The more I practiced and came around the better I got. It wasn’t long until I was battling OG’s and Veterans at the Jookin style. Over the years, I had stamped my name in the Memphis Jookin culture and Urban Dance Community. Read more>>

Christiana Alonge

Dior Creationz GFX Designs began March 16, 2020 as a page to showcase the works of a 15 years old graphic designer (me). Before starting this business, I was creating event/party flyers for family and friends back in 2018 and I was later known for providing this service in late 2019. It was always my passion to design and create beautiful digital designs since I’m very creative–however, I never knew my passion was becoming a graphic designer and brand stylist. I designed my first logo at the age of 14 for a friend of mines, not knowing I will later be designing hundreds of logos for businesses all across the world. It wasn’t until the beginning of lockdown (March 16, 2020) that I decided to launch my business Dior Creationz GFX Designs to use my talent to beautify brands in need of my services. Today, Dior Creationz is now a business that specializes in digital branded content, website development, and print marketing–successfully branding hundreds of businesses WORLDWIDE! In the beginning. Read more>>

Danetra Moore

I’m originally from Stockton California, a Cali girl born and raised. I come from a musically inclined family. Everyone has musical talents all the way to my great grandparents. I started singing at about the age of two, that’s what I’m told. Lol, like most soulful singers, I grew up singing in church. At about the age of eight, I started writing and arranging songs. Although I grew up in church, I had an appreciation for all genres of music. I believe because of my appreciation for all genres, I was able to maintain my sound. Throughout elementary school and high school, I was also sang. Whether in choirs, at church, weddings or on stages, music was all around me. A few of my birthdays growing up I spent in the studio recording. Creating songs, melodies, harmonies and being able to articulate what I heard and record it was second nature to me because of my musical upbringing. In 2004, I moved to Atlanta, GA. That is where I blossomed from the little girl with the big voice to the professional background singer and artist, traveling around the world sharing my gift. Read more>>

Elise Arsenault

From the age of five, really as far back as I can remember, I knew I would become an actress. Watching Full House as a kid, I saw child actors taking up space on the screen and it just felt like that was for me. From then on, I took steps to fulfill this dream in every way I could. I grew up in the smallish, picturesque town of Bristol, RI, one of five kids. The only daughter of the high school band director, I was exposed to opportunities to perform at a young age. While school performances were available to me, my big dreams were no match for those around me. My parents wanted security for me and so I was encouraged to become an educator and follow the family trade of teaching. I did not love that idea, and to quote Belle from Beauty & the Beast, I would often break out singing “I want much more than this provincial life!” I wanted to go out and see the much bigger world as soon as I had the opportunity. Read more>>


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