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Amanda Rome West Drops Boss Mode Music Video

We’re thrilled to introduce you to Amanda Rome West. She recently dropped a new music video for her single Boss Mode and we caught up with her to ask her to tell us the backstory of how this all came together.

Hi Amanda, we love your new video “Boss Mode”!  Can you talk to us about how you came up with the concept?
Hi guys, first of all, thanks so much for LOVING the vid! It really means a lot to me when everyone from my Westies (what my fans call themselves) to lifestyle bloggers such as yourselves enjoy the cinematography, music, and fashion I create. This has to be one of the most fun videos I’ve ever made, because everything— from the set to the outfits to the makeup— all is historically accurate to the 70s! My production team and I have been wanting to make something really vintagey and posh for a while now, and we felt that “Boss Mode” was the perfect song for which to do it.

I personally, as the executive producer, consciously chose to make the entire video revolve around the fashion that the women in 70s would wear when protesting for equal pay, abortion, and many other important gender-centric issues. It blows my mind that these problems are still so prevalent in today’s society, unfortunately. I want to address them and show my support of the feminist movement, as a modern feminist myself.  In “Boss Mode,” I feel as though I’ve captured the free-spirited nature yet boss mode mentality these women of the time constantly portrayed through the media and their own movements.

To me, the iconic women from the era who changed the world forever, especially Jewish feminist icons such as Gloria Steinem and the Notorious RBG, deserve extra epresentation in the modern feminist movement, and are not to be forgotten. I wanted to represent that energy, of being a boss queen and slaying the game, with each element of the music video, especially with the bold choreography and period piece set design, so it took a lot of pre-production and dance lessons on my end! From there, I added on my signature Thug Jew Bitch personality and a touch of Qveen Herby vibes and Cardi B. Voila, here we are!

We’d love to hear the story of how this came together, in terms of the folks you worked with and the various moving parts of bringing a fun, engaging music video to life!
Making “Boss Mode” happen was definitely a lot of work! Months in the making. First, I decided that I wanted to do a vintage-themed video. I did not even know what era yet, but once I met with my director, we chose the 70s. Then, I spoke with one of my fans, who has overcome cancer, who told me that she had a dream of doing my makeup for one of my music videos- I wanted to make that dream come true. We brainstormed the looks on Pinterest, and I came up with the outfits to go with the looks. I personally styled the entire video, as I usually do, referring to clothing from the time and throwing a 2020 twist on the fits! My director and I then came up with the choreography together and then I practiced, practiced, practiced! My boyfriend shot the BTS and worked as the 1st AD as well! I seriously couldn’t have done this without my incredible team! My music videos are the most rewarding things I have ever done and will ever do- bringing my own vision to life astounds me every time 🙂  We shot the video in July, on a COVID-free set (we all got tested) which I booked on Peerspace, and made the magic happen over 4 hours with a lot of positive energy, focus, and Redbull! Starring, styling, and executive producing it was a lot of work, but such is the life of a goddess!

Where are you aiming to take your career with your artistry, production, and creations?
Great question. I ask myself that almost every day. It is constantly evolving as our world during this pandemic changes all the time. For now, I can safely say that I want to be an executive producer for my own comedy TV show and several dramatic feature films as well as continue to push the boundaries with my creations, which include my rap, music videos, social media and YouTube content, and podcast, ARW RAW (which you can listen to on Spotify and Apple Podcasts). It means the world to me that I have so many supporters around the world, and I promise not to let them down!!!!!

If you haven’t already, check out Amanda’s music video (below):

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