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Partner Spotlight: Rich Parrott IV of Global Money Group

We’re excited to introduce you to Rich Parrott IV, one of our Content Partners.  Partners support Voyage by collaborating on content, sponsoring our mission, spreading the word about our publication and more. We caught up with Rich about the amazing, artist-focused press agency he has been building.

Rich, can you please start by telling our readers a bit about your background and the story behind how the Press Agency started?
Yes, just to rehash from my previous interview on VoyageLA, I started off as an artist. Steadily creating music and promoting records on my own before decided to move to the business and media side in 2017 with my company Global Money World/ Global Money Group. Global World Press Agency started from a conversation with my brother and business partner Mike. We talked about fulling utilizing the tools we have and he mentioned it was something I could do. The way he said it resonated with me a lot and I just went for it.

You’ve already had some phenomenal success with your clients.  UUN received some amazing placements as did RoseBudd.  Can you tell us a bit about both of those clients and how you worked with them to make it all happen?
I would love too. Both of them I met through submissions on Submithub. UUN was the first one I had success with. He’s a producer from Poland that as soon as I heard, I wanted to work with. The first song I heard was his record “Sizzurp”. As soon as I heard it I knew it could work and within that day we got three placements for different playlist and streams. Getting those wins fast felt good and made me feel like I was on the right path. Rosebudd is an Artist/ Producer from Atlanta who can do it all. My first time hearing her on “Major Flav II” I knew she was an incredible talent that would be fun working with. I became an instant fan and just wanted to help the cause. With her record “Bomaye II” we premiered on our site and we just started moving from there. We got at least seven placements including a placement on Universal’s Digster Italy playlist.

You’ve built a reputation that looks out for the artists’ best interests.  Can you tell us a bit about why people feel that way and how you go about building such solid reputation?
I think it all starts from the blog. A lot of platforms aren’t in to breaking new records from upcoming artists, and our policy is if its dope we are going to treat it with the upmost care and give it shine. From the blog posts, playlists, magazines, and awards, it all has come together to make a reputation of being for the culture and I’m appreciative of that.

What’s next for the agency and for artists thinking about connecting with you, how can they determine if they’ll be a good fit for your agency?
We are going to just continue to try to do great work. We are working with Philly songstress Rae.Dianz helping with her releases this year and future releases for UUN and Rosebudd. Any artist that would like to work with us, the biggest thing is making great music and being creative. We’ll focus on the promotion and building your brand and giving you the opportunity to focus on your artistry.

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