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Week 4: Platonic Collaborations

One of the things that impressed us most about Moni Oyedepo was her commitment to rising together and helping others along her journey.  So, it’s no suprise that collaborations are a core part of Platonic the Series.   In week 4, we are very proud and excited to introduce you to some of the people, brands and artists Moni and her team collaborated with in order to bring their web series to life.

Perry’s Joint

I was born into this business. My parents were entrepreneurs. In the late 50s they joined the Nation of Islam and they came into the idea of becoming a part of the community and opening businesses. Being self-sufficient away from mainstream America. I remember being 4 years old and working with my father in his businesses. My dad had a cheesesteak shop in Camden, NJ, 3-4 Hot dog stands, a food truck we’d have outside of Temple University. My uncles also owned a few corner stores and had a BBQ restaurant. I started my 1st location in San Francisco in 1993. Read More >>

Sky Sportswear

Over 40 years ago, in 1975, Sky Sportswear was opened up by the same family that’s still running the operations today. With its’ mission set at providing high quality, printed premium clothing at affordable prices, Sky Sportswear opened up its’ doors at the exact location where the main street storefront stands today. After years of working and saving up every single dollar they could, the Lee’s decided to merge their passion for Clothing and their acumen within inventory management to open up a premium print house, where exceptional design meets the highest standard of production. Read More >>

Blackberry Vine

My story begins in Starkville, Mississippi. Most people not native to the state will automatically associate it with soul food, cotton, or racism. From a very young age, I was exposed to the history of our state and matters related to race and class. Stories from my elders played a major role shaping my worldview. Read More >>


Well, my story isn’t a Cinderella story lol. I started at a young age with no real musical background or formal training. I think in third grade, I was in Pied Pipers (a school band for recorder flutes lol) but that’s it. But through the next few years, I would discover my initial love for music. I would hear notes and melodies in my head, yet I couldn’t translate them into production.  Read More >>


I inherited my passion for music from my grandmother and via my dad’s expansive record collection at a young age. As I grew older all I heard was the radio, from V103 and WGCI in Chicago to 95.5 in St. Louis, and I can honestly say that type of radio is unmatched in other cities. The Midwest has something special. My soulfulness comes from there and I take pride in my roots because of that. Read More >>

Doohichy Craftique

I’m Sade, Chief Darling and creator of Doohicky Craftique. I’m originally from Mobile, AL. I’m a quirky, southern girl who now lives in St. Louis who loves to craft beautiful things. I’ve always loved fashion and crafting since I was a child. I love making people feel great and helping them welcome their individuality. Doohicky Craftique was birthed from my love of fashion, inspiration from my hometown, a need to exercise my creativity, and inspired by a sick mother. Read More >>


When I traveled to South Africa for a business school internship, I received frequent compliments on my go-to pair of cheap rollable flats, available on almost every block in NYC for $10. J.G and I spotted an opportunity and set out to build the first African foldable flats brand. We also decided to build it in a way that impacts the communities the designs come from. Read More >>

If you haven’t already – check out our own collab with Moni & the Platonic team here.  This Friday we’ll go live with the final piece of our series with Platonic, be sure to come back to check it out.

Learn more & connect with Moni & the Platonic team:

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