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Flashes & Strokes: a Tale of Two Mediums

The digital and traditional arts are thriving in LA. From newer, technology based media like photography and digital art to more traditional art, there is so much to see, explore and learn from in Southern California.  Through our Flashes and Strokes series, we’d like to celebrate artists from both worlds: traditional and digital.


@hannah_gadsby phrased things in ways I’d literally never heard before. Things I’ve struggled with my entire life. She’d describe something, blow my mind with how perfectly articulated it was, and only minutes later while I’m still reeling over her words she’d do it again with something different. Every moment that I felt she’d stripped her life and identity and shame and anger completely bare for us to see, she’d rip away even more and throw it directly at the audience without hesitation. It was relentless, fearless, and gutting. I used to be a writer; writing was a pillar in my life and it was the medium through which I connected to the world and myself. I killed the writer in me nearly ten years ago. I wish I hadn’t – so I could perfectly describe what it means to watch a brilliant artist transcend their own medium and make history with their art. Hannah Gadsby’s comedy special Nanette is on @netflix and you should watch it. I am grateful to her. I am forever in her debt. 🌻🌻 . . . . . #hannahgadsby #netflix #nanette #standup #comedyspecial #womenincomedy #queerwomen #femaleartist #womeninfilm #vangogh #vincentvangogh #painting #arthistory #ghostcoast #aesthetic #retrowave #laartist #editor #nostalgia #digitalcollage #collage #graphicart #surrealism #render #unsplash #madewithunsplash

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Be kind to yourself today. That’s all.

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🦄💫🔮 @iamhalsey

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Like stepping into Mars. 🚀

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  1. Kelsey

    July 6, 2018 at 01:37

    Ahhhh thanks so much for the feature!! Love how this brings more Creatives together 🙂

  2. chihey

    July 12, 2018 at 19:03

    Thank you so much for featuring! I found a lot of interesting artists in LA from this article.


    July 27, 2018 at 16:31

    Thank you for featuring my new media development profile. You’re doing an amazing job over here!!

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